View Full Version : Need a sparing partner in monntreal

2/12/2005 3:01pm,
Hi guys. I don't know where this belong so I put it here. Feel free to move it if its not a good palce.

I in search of any sparing partners who lives in montreal, canada.

To make a long story short. My sifu is in vietnam and because of some dumbass who manage to beat the **** out of some new students we are forbidden to spare with out his supervision. And he won't be back until the end of may :sad5:
I LOVE sparing and even some of us spare in secret its not enough for me.

So anyone who practice any style, any size, who is any level(we can adjust mutually to each others level) please answer my call for :eusa_pray

thanks guys

My stats: 5'7
wing chun orthodoxe not very advanced level

btw: wing chun orthodoxe -->not yip man--->yip man = mega uncool)
:violent1: :new_tomat

Wounded Ronin
2/12/2005 3:39pm,
WTF kind of school says don't spar while sifu is away? That sounds like some bullshit drama from a bad kung fu movie from the 60s.

Anyway, I would love to help, but I'm really really far away from Montreal. I hope you have good luck in finding a partner, though.

2/12/2005 4:12pm,
Heya, makobeing I'm interessing in sparring with you but I will need to talk to you first

I live myself in Montreal , in Pointe-aux-trembles
Email me at [email protected] if you are still interessing and we will give information about each other.

And tell me where you train I know there a Wing chun school near Henri-Bourassa but beside that I dont know any other.

Deadpan Scientist
2/12/2005 4:15pm,
why don't you just go to a real school?

2/12/2005 5:17pm,
Do have any idea how many Kyokushin Karate schools are in Québec? Your kickboxing comission isn't back-asswards like Ontario's so you guys get to kick people in the legs.

Give me until Monday and I will look up the Behring Jiu-Jitsu affiliate in your area. I recall one of the high-ranking guys at the last grading/seminar being from Montréal or thereabouts.

2/12/2005 9:23pm,
If you're serious, I can hook you up with my friend in Montreal. He's currently training at the Brazlian Top Team gym over there.

Send me a PM and I'll give you his AIM and name.

2/13/2005 11:38am,
I am in montreal, I can help. Write me where we can meet, when.