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Raul Perez
2/09/2005 12:06pm,
Hi All,

I'm going to be traveling to Australia for work in the next couple of weeks and wanted to know if anyone would recommend a solid Karate Dojo out there. I'll be in Artarmon outside of Sydney. Just really need a place to train while I am away on business.

Kind regards,


2/09/2005 6:06pm,
No idea. If you get no replies, your best bet might be to buy a copy of "Blitz" magazine and look in the club directory in the back or check out the Yellow Pages.

2/09/2005 11:30pm,
What style do you currently train in, it would make it easier to know what to look for?

I havn't personally trained at any Dojo in Sydney but I found a few web pages for you:

Kyokushin karate (http://www.kokorowebdesign.com.au/iko/home.htm)
Aust wide various styles Dojo listing (http://www.martialarts.com.au/Alphabetical_Listing.htm)
Blitz MA Magazine Karate listings (http://www.sportzblitz.net/club-directory/club-listings.php?search%5Bname_club%5D=&search%5Baddress%5D=&search%5Bcity%5D=&search%5Bstate%5D=NSW&search%5Bstate_int%5D=&search%5Bpostcode%5D=&search%5Bcountry%5D=&search%5Bphone%5D=&search%5Bemail%5D=&search%5Bname_instructor%5D=&search%5Bstyles%5D=Karate&search%5Bother_styles%5D=&search_submit=Submit+Search)

As I have never trained at any of these Dojo's I can't give you any realiable info on them. Maybe a few of the Sydney members will add their 2 cents worth.