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Judah Maccabee
2/06/2005 9:42pm,
The First Monthly Bullshido cookoff is the inspiration from threads showing off cooking prowess and gastronomic delight by a number of posters here. Now it's time to see who can handle the heat and who has to get out of the kitchen.


1. Every month, I will choose a theme/challenge for all interested parties to compete under. The prepared dishes must conform with every condition. This may be anything, such as "Make a dish for Trinity the ultra-feminist - must have lots of nuts to bite down on" or "No Booze, You Lose - Must use at least 3 drinks worth of alcoholic beverages in preparation"

2. Participants may not be judges for that month, but may judge others if they don't compete.

3. Pictures must be taken of the finished product, and posted for judging. www.tinypic.com will help those who do not have BBC access or their own means of hosting.

4. While odd and unusual ingredients may be featured or necessary for the recipes, frugality will be emphasized, as martial artists are spending their money on gear and instruction, and have little left over!


1. An odd number of judges, minimum of three, will judge each month. Judges may not participate in this fashion for two consecutive months.

2. In the interests of multiculturalism, priority will be given to including at least one non-American judge for each judging period. In the event none volunteer to judge, an All-American judging panel will be established.

3. Judging shall be completed on a 5 point scale on several measures. A score of 1 is the lowest score possible, a score of 5 is the highest score. The areas of measure are the following:

APPEARANCE: How organized/visually appealing is the dish? Is this one that if you saw a waiter carrying it for another table, you'd ask them what it was? Is it artistically presented?

DELICIOUSNESS: How damned tasty does the dish look? Do you just want to reach through the monitor and grab a bite, or do you want to shove it away with a piercing howl of disgust?

DESIRABILITY: Is this dish the one out of all the others that you'd start shopping for tomorrow to make yourself? Does the name sound exotic? Do the ingredients alone pique your interest before they say how its even made?

The highest possible score is 15, the lowest is 3.

4. In the event of a tie, the judges will re-evaluate the two dishes in question and administer a tie-breaking vote. One dish must receive the highest score at this point. Ties are not allowed.


1. Contestants must be able to take pictures of their dishes and post them on the forum.

2. Contestants must publish the name of the recipe, an ingredients list with proportions and names of the ingredients, and a step-by-step list of instructions. Cooking terminology may be employed (braised, julienned, etc.)

3. Contestants must also publish a description of the dish as if it were to be put on a restaurant menu. What type of restaurant and what type of menu is at the discretion of the contestant.


I'm open to hearing some possible improvements for the rules and requirements of this contest before we actually try to kick it off, so have at it.

2/06/2005 10:19pm,
Actually, this is kind of cool.

2/06/2005 10:23pm,
Actually, this is kind of cool.

No, this is VERY cool.
My mom doesn't let me use too much booze though cause its expensive though :( (she gets imported expensive stuff)

Judah Maccabee
2/06/2005 10:41pm,
Well, barring any radical changes to rules, here is the first competition/dish:


With Valentine's Day coming up on the 14th a week from Monday, romantics should come up with a sweet, delightful treat.

Make and display a dessert involving honey as one of the primary ingredients. An automatic three points will be given to competitors who have the dessert pictures also featuring their partners/significant others/spouses/flavors of the month. Hell, just pull some random guy/girl off the street if you have to.


Registration is open for at least three judges and all competitors.

I'm in for competing.

Wounded Ronin
2/06/2005 10:46pm,
I don't have a camera, but since I love cooking I'd appreciate it if I could judge.

2/06/2005 10:47pm,
Uhm, lets ammend it to say only if the person is cute.

Judah Maccabee
2/06/2005 10:48pm,
(this post will be edited as contestants enter)


Wounded Ronin




Judah Maccabee
2/06/2005 10:49pm,
Uhm, lets ammend it to say only if the person is cute.

The samurai_steve "voices_in_the_head committee" ruled that "Ugly chicks need loving too", and therefore, points can't be awarded on the basis of attractiveness.

2/06/2005 10:51pm,
Can we have ourselves in the picture if we can make ourselves look convincingly female?

Judah Maccabee
2/06/2005 10:59pm,
I'd deduct three points from you for even thinking that alone.

Yes, I'm kidding, but no. You need your Valentine to be with the dessert.

2/06/2005 11:38pm,
Can we have ourselves in the picture if we can make ourselves look convincingly female?

If you didn't tell him, he'd never know..

BTW, great idea Samurai Steve! Nice to see Bullshidoka putting their money where their mouth is and their food where... uh nevermind.

Mr. Mantis
2/06/2005 11:39pm,

Don't you love your mother Steve? After all she did for you, this is the thanks she gets?!

Judah Maccabee
2/06/2005 11:50pm,
Thanks, guys.

Either of you want to be judges? I'm hoping to get the minimum three judges by tomorrow.

2/07/2005 12:46am,
I will judge. But you only get 3 points in my book if the girl is cute...sorry.

2/07/2005 12:49am,
I am not saying we need a 10 or anything...I am just saying that we that if you send out a 5 I will assume it is you in drag.

2/07/2005 2:25am,
I will judge this round. I'll even play once we hit a theme ingredient I'm really satisfied with.

That makes three. Now you need contestants.