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2/06/2005 11:08am,
To anyone with a MAP account:

There's a wanker in this thread going on about how sport karate is bad because of not teaching 'the way of Ki.' People are trying to debate rationally with him and he's just being a fuckwit. Does anyone want to flame him? His username is 'Shotowarrior'(Don't confuse it with ShotoKANwarrior). Listen to the stupid asshole:

'It does not teach us the basics of the system, nor the way of Ki or to breath correctly, or how to use undying concentration and focus. This is what true traditional Karate teaches us. I am not against competition but just at how seriously people take sport Karate. '

Link is here:


2/06/2005 12:18pm,
Karate is not alone in what has happened (or, not happened) to it in the name of "tradition."

Most of the recognized "founders" of modern martial arts (ie: funakoshi, ueshiba, kano, etc.) were all innovators. Mostly, while they were alive it was fine. Once an "organization" was established, and "traditions" had to be kept, their art ceased to be innovative, and the art stagnated.

This even happened to such (non-arts) as American Kempo, JKD (which is not even Blee's), TKD, and WuShu.
Keeping a tradition in something that, in it's day was not, just seems odd.


2/06/2005 4:35pm,
This is off topic, butI love your avatar Meex.

2/06/2005 4:46pm,
If we went over to MAP to yell at people every time someone posted something stupid then we'd never have time to post here.

2/06/2005 4:49pm,
This is off topic, butI love your avatar Meex.
Why, Thank You. . .
there was even a thread on it: