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1/29/2005 1:12am,
Anyone know anything about Fred Kwok's Wing Chun/Kickboxing school in Vancouver?

I checked out a class there recently, and it seemed pretty good. I tried another version of Wing Chun ('Wing Tsun') years ago, and found the footwork kind of bizarre and awkward, but the footwork at this school is quite mobile and seems more like boxing or Filipino martial arts. From what I could tell, the instructor seemed honest (i.e. didn't try and feed me any mysticism/invincibility crap), competent, and could generate a lot of power in his punches.

As I'm still checking around at this point, does anyone on here have recommendations for any other schools in Vancouver? I did some Muay Thai and FMA while living in other cities during the 1990s, but don't have much of sense of what's worth checking out in Vancouver and haven't really trained at all in the last five years. I'm up for some amount of hard contact, but suspect that I may be getting a bit old now for styles/schools like Muay Thai that involve getting battered around heavily on a regular basis (I'm in my mid-30s). Basically, I'm looking for improved fitness and some decent self defence skills, but don't have any personal interest in competing in MMA competitions, etc (much respect for those who do though).

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

1/29/2005 8:41pm,
Franco Kickboxing & Pankration ;)

Deadpan Scientist
1/29/2005 8:48pm,
Is there a bjj place near you? It's a good workout with some contact, but you shouldn't get too beat up, even for old farts in their 30s

1/29/2005 9:17pm,
Denis Kang is the jiu-jitsu guy around here... I think.

1/29/2005 10:17pm,
Creative Fighters Guild in Richmond (www.creativefightersguild.com)
Universal Martial Arts and Coccoon Athletics on Granville downtown.
Martial Arts Training Centre in Coquitlam

1/29/2005 10:34pm,
Thanks for the recommendations.

Anyone know anything at all about Fred Kwok's school? It's within easy walking distance from where I live, which probably increases the chances that I would make it to training on a regular basis.

I've looked around this board a bit, and it seems people have a low opinion of Wing Chun (which is pretty understandable based on most variants of it I've seen), but this guy seems pretty good and seems to have incorporated elements of kickboxing into what he does (I think they do mostly Wing Chun on Monday/Wed and kickboxing Tues/Thurs. Didn't see any groundfighting there on the night I checked it out though.

1/29/2005 11:16pm,
There are some things you can learn from WC. Kickboxing is always good for the most part. Unfortunately I've never heard of Fred Kwok. But I like the sound of his name.

1/30/2005 12:21am,
Where's the gym? PM me with the address, I can go check it out too, if you'd like.

1/30/2005 2:36am,
I think I might be a little bit familiar with the individual you're talking about but I'll make sure monday/tuesday... If he's who I think he is he has been in the Vancouver kickboxing scene for at leat 8-9 years and has had a decent ammount of fighters in kickboxing/muay thai matches.
I once saw him get into an argument with a muay thai instructor on some bad calls he made when reffing a fight(if it's the same individual). The one fighter of his that I saw fight won within 30 seconds by KO. You're in vancouver, you have a lot of schools to choose from just depends what you're looking for.
For Kickboxing/muay thai you have KB One, Gold Lion Muay Thai, and Franco kickboxing/pankration which someone allready mentioned. I know there is a BJJ black belt around the Vancouver area teaching but I forgot his name. He's either under Carlson gracie's org or Gracie Barra...dab nab my memory.
To the person familiar with franco kickboxing/pankration; is Ryan Diaz still training there? Ryan helped work the first corner of my first Muay Thai fight around 97/98 in Vancouver on a Top Rank promotion :), he's a good guy.

1/30/2005 2:40am,
gotta make a shameless plug for gibson's kickboxing and pankration in port moody BC ... thats where ryan diaz trains and instructs ...

the school is operated by lance gibson ... winner of UFC 24 ...

all the instructers there are professional fighters ...

1/30/2005 11:54pm,
Ryan Diaz trains at Gibson Pankration, not Franco's. But they did train together when Mr. Franco used to teach there.

1/31/2005 4:38am,
You're in vancouver, you have a lot of schools to choose from just depends what you're looking for.
For Kickboxing/muay thai you have KB One, Gold Lion Muay Thai.

Gold lion muay thai was evicted by their landlord and are no longer at commercial and 16th. I don't know if they are operating in a new location but i would think twice about a school that couldn't pay the rent.

9/27/2014 1:47am,
I studied at Fred's school off and on over 12 years and have had success in tournaments full contact open martial arts and on the street in self defense. Worked as a security officer and defended myself many times once against two mma fighters. Fred is a very good instructor who has very good observation skills. He combines Wing Chun, Mayor Thai, Western Boxing, and some JKD concepts in the footwork. One of his student became a professional mma fighter he was an enforcer for the Calgary Flames years ago.