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1/26/2005 10:33pm,
Found this through a link at sherdog:


Im pretty sure everyone's been to bjj.org, but I dont know if they ever bothered to read this particular case.

"Case 12
During the 1981 Sixth International Judo Federation (IJF) Medical Symposium in Maastricht, Netherlands, 31 Aug. 1981, Kjell Salling of Norway called attention to a fatal case as a result of choking. The death was reported in Paris, France, June 1954. The accident was published and reported by newspapers, Le Parisien Libere and France-Soir on 24 June 1954. The incident was also reported in the Official Bulletin of the French Judo Federation. Investigation revealed that the death was not in the sport of judo, but a method called "Vo et Vat" taught by a Vietnamese instructor. Vo et Vat was estimated to be a more violent form of judo. The method was not recognized by the French Judo Federation and the instructor was not a member of that organization.
The subject was a 34 year old male Vietnamese Vo et Vat instructor who was "choked" by one of his own students, age 17. For demonstration purposes, the student was ordered by the instructor to use all his strength when he applied a reverse cross choke (gyaku jujime). This choke is applied from above with the instructor lying on his back on the mat. The instructor was going to demonstrate a method of resistance and counter attack. The instructor was not able to counter attack, and the student, after the passing of "some minutes," exhausted by his effort, terminated the "choking." The instructor apparently died on the mat. His demise was witnessed by his students, who were sitting around the two demonstrating. A doctor was summoned, but he could only state that the instructor was dead. The autopsy findings were published in the Annales de Medicine Legale.

The reported cause of death was not only by mechanical asphyxia but also by compression of the vascular circulation to the brain. "

Could you imagine if it were some Kung Fu guy or exotic martial artists who claimed he couldnt be choked out? It sucks that someone died in this manner, but not only do I think this guy should have beefed up his defense a little bit, but I wonder why no one else (assuming there HAD to be assistant instructors or even veteran students there) decided to intervene and stop.

1/26/2005 10:39pm,
You'd think that after the instructor stopped struggling, the tard would realize something was wrong. I normally dislike and flame people who jump on the "let's all hate the French" bandwagon, but sometimes you have to wonder...

1/26/2005 10:56pm,
Probably thought sifu was relaxing his chakras and centering his chi in order to break free of the choke by expanding his neck muscles.

1/26/2005 11:10pm,
Now.... what if master had tapped out, only by the time he got past his prid eto do so it was too light, what if the student didn't notice.... or even ignored and no one else noticed it....

Hmmmm, the possibilities are fascinating.

1/26/2005 11:12pm,
What I really find fascinating is what happened after the student let go of the choke.

Did they just sit around, stare at the body and wonder, "Well... should we do CPR?"

Or did they just prod him a few times and decide to do something else while waiting for him to wake up?

Otaku Waffle
1/27/2005 3:41am,
Probably thought sifu was relaxing his chakras and centering his chi in order to break free of the choke by expanding his neck muscles.

I don't think that was the exact thought process but i would wager all of them were waiting for the exotic move that was sure to come...

1/27/2005 3:45am,
I'll take that bet and raise you that they were waiting for sifu to pull a ninja trick and come back to life.

Beneath Contempt
1/27/2005 7:49pm,
I like the bit about "a doctor was summoned, but could only state that the instructor was dead,".

It probably went something like this:

Student: Well, monsieur doctor, qu'est-ce c'est le prognosis?

Doctor: ************! You've totally killed him. He's not getting up from this.