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Mr. Mantis
1/26/2005 7:19pm,
Alfred Tibor, an 84 year old man, fought off a deer that broke into his house! He said he reverted back to his 6 years spent in Autzwitz "Survival Mode" He said his primary technique was keeping the deer from ripping his guts out.

He suceeded when the cops finally got there and shot the fucking thing in his bathroom!

JTA) - Deer mauls Holocaust survivor

A Holocaust survivor and sculptor was hurt Monday night when a 10-point buck smashed a window in his Columbus, Ohio home. Alfred Tibor, 84, was wounded on his wrist and stomach and bled badly after the deer mauled him Monday. His wife flagged down a passing motorist for help while Tibor fended off the animal rampaging inside his home. Columbus police shot and killed the deer. Tibor's wife said he likely will be released from the hospital on Thursday. Tibor, a well-known artist, was born Alfred Goldstein in Hungary; Tibor was the first name of his murdered brother. Most of his family was killed in the Holocaust, and his art often reflects his wartime experiences.

See also = http://www.wcpo.com/news/2005/local/01/25/deer_charge.html

1/26/2005 8:06pm,
What are you saying?

Mr. Mantis
1/26/2005 8:08pm,
I'm saying that Tibor used Auswitz Fu to subdue the home invader.

1/26/2005 8:14pm,
What the hell kind of hand-to-hand went on in Auschwitz?

Germans didn't **** around.

Mr. Mantis
1/26/2005 8:17pm,
He has only one weak spot.

And he's able to move it around his body at will!!

1/26/2005 8:31pm,
Don't go there!!!!1

1/26/2005 8:39pm,

1/26/2005 9:11pm,
Um, how fucked up are you? I meant that he probably ended up fighting over food.

Haha. Best Call Ever.

1/26/2005 9:14pm,
I...uh...::loosening neck-tie::.....

I was kidding. KIDDING.

1/26/2005 9:33pm,
Don't worry I thought Cannibalism too. Osiris is a crafty mofo.

1/27/2005 5:02am,
Not funny...I had a relative that died in a concentration camp.

He fell of the guard tower.
Not true and utterly tasteless, but still kinda fun.

1/27/2005 5:04am,
Haha. Eloquently tasteless. +rep

1/27/2005 5:51am,
I see a new RBSD system on the Horizon.

Otaku Waffle
1/27/2005 6:36am,
I think I can even see a marketing scheme: Auschwitz-fu, the only art that'll work best when you're horribly emaciated (sp?)! Special prices for supermodels and guys that want to ogle walking carcasses. You won't even have to work hard, for we all know that "Arbeit macht frei." was a filthy Nazi lie!

Judah Maccabee
1/27/2005 8:07am,

Meh, not really something to joke about, IMO.

But have yer fun.

Otaku Waffle
1/27/2005 8:16am,
For what it's worth, my grandfather survived a camp and feels more offended by people tip-toeing than by jokes. Though he shows more appreciation for jokes where the nazis are the butt of the joke.