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1/16/2005 3:54pm,
Has anyone ever sprained or fractured the center of their foot? On the pic it would be the whole area of the 3rd cuneiform medial. It's a sharp pain when i stand up on the balls of my feet (kinda like a sprain - it doesn't get worse the longer i stand on it). It's been a bout a week with no change, an i've been keeping it easy, but i'd rather not pay the doctors if all they'll tell me to do is R.I.C.E.



Deadpan Scientist
1/16/2005 3:56pm,
Get thee to an orthopedic surgeon post haste.

1/16/2005 4:03pm,
I have this when I stand on the ball of my foot, strange thing is that it is not a regular thing and just hits me sometimes.
It is not an unbearable pain, just quite sharp, like you said and all I do is stop and flex my toes for a few seconds and then get back to training.

1/20/2005 7:25pm,
doctor, big guess plantar facitius ( not sure of spellling made famous by Mark Maguire)

However a break that way can happen my bother got one from training cross country

1/20/2005 8:59pm,
Yea, I did that awhile back I think...I just never bothered to go to a doctor.

Bad news:Still messed up a bit :(

Good News: saved time (regretted)
I can walk!