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8/05/2002 1:46pm,
yep, I'm here. but not to post here...

I'm here just to submit my articles like phrost requested before and some other people asked me to do the same.


Roidie McDouchebag
8/05/2002 3:47pm,

8/05/2002 8:06pm,
Yes besides Peedee you have some good ones USA!
Submit away!!!

8/05/2002 11:19pm,
I'll start submitting older articles first, I'll probably submit the first article tomorrow since I have to find it first.

it's gonna be the oldest and smallest one (the first) about the TRUTH. then I'll go to the one about streetfighting and then the last one.

maybe I'll submit the one about BJJ too, but it was a spin off from a wkrp post so it loses a lot of effect without reading that first.

after submitting all my old articles I'll start to submit new articles.


8/05/2002 11:28pm,
I hope wickersnatch stays around a while. Hes a GREAT inspiration for comedy.

"Migo is such a nerdy, panzy ass, ****** mutherfukker." -Every member of the ADCC Forum(at one time or another).

8/06/2002 10:09pm,
well, not so sure about submitting the articles anymore. check ADCC.


8/06/2002 10:30pm,
Responded to you over there.