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Deadpan Scientist
1/14/2005 4:42pm,
This comes from the toronto throwdown thread.

When a new person comes to your school, how do you treat them?

1/14/2005 4:53pm,
My school has a standing policy that any men under 30 years old is to be CRUSHED and completely assmastered their first class so they do not leave going "Hey man, I hung with a BJJ guy". We are to be friendly and social, and we're not going to injure them or anything like that, but when sparring comes around, they are to be completely destroyed.

This policy was put in place after several people went nice on new guys, only to have these guys come and insult my instructor and his school. This particularly happens when they are coming from another style and are "testing" BJJ.

This only really applies to their first class, or until they stop being dillweeds.

1/14/2005 5:00pm,
Our school tends to play it on a per-student basis. I went in with a Judo yellow belt so I got killed constantly for two months. The problem is that I had to pick up important techniques from books as opposed to class because I would spend the 90 minutes getting owned and doing little else. Nowadays the instructors are doing more technical classes. When the classes are really small, everyone gets to ask one question and we work on that question for awhile, then roll at the end.

Voted option 2 because I believe it's important to show someone exactly why they should learn from you and they only get one trial class.

Deadpan Scientist
1/14/2005 5:02pm,
I usually tap them a few times, and then for the rest of the time positionally dominate them while they try to work their mount escape

1/14/2005 5:38pm,
Like this:


1/14/2005 5:46pm,
I didn't really need to be raped the entire class to realize I sucked. I got tapped REALLY quick a couple times, that got the idea into my head, and the rest of class they let me have some room to work on my stuff.

1/14/2005 5:54pm,
LOL @ that pic!

Seriously, as I stated in an earlier thread - I just don't care anymore. Make it a month and I'll learn your name.

I may point out how badly they are screwing up during technique work, but the only time I will be sparring with them will be if they moved up the foodchain in our gym. If you made it to me its because you are probably pretty tough. Disclaimer: Unless my instructor *specifically* notes the guy is new and needs to be helped, they get crushed. Crushed like no tommorrow.

We had a little wrestler come into our school a couple months ago. He went with one of our yellow belt kids (now blue) and was putting his elbow into the kids eyesocket and going ballistic berserk trying to tap him. He was immediately promoted over to my end of the mat next round. I triangled him the second he tried that powerwrestling crap. I could tell he didn't want to tap so I swept him and sat on his head triangle style. He tapped, and then decided to go berserk next try. When he tried that stupid elbow across the jaw crap I took his back and put on a RNC - crushing style on him. Forearm across the throat, grabbing the wrist and squeeze. He wasnt the type to tap easy so I put him down hard, flattened out and everything. He was making some kind of strange noises but didnt want to tap. So my instructor is literally pulling me off him just as he tapped. At times the alpha order must be maintained.

But yesterday the new guy was just a complete newbie and there was nobody for him to roll with during the morning class. So I just laid on my back and used my legs to stop him from passing. Occassionally sweeping. Mostly just letting him work. No biggie. You don't gotta be a dickhead all the time. I was a whitebelt too, I remember. But I wasn't an asshole whitebelt sticking elbows in eyes while pinching and ****. Had I been a dickhead someone should have shut me down completely.

1/14/2005 5:58pm,
OK, admittedly I used to be a dick with stuff like that: If they were laying down on me, I would grind my chin into their chest. If I wanted to distract them, I'd start pushing pressure points. If I needed to open their hand, I would grind my knuckle into the back of it. Then, I realized I was being a douche and it didn't work against the blues, so I quit.

I guess the point is that the new guy needs their ass kicked, just not for the entire first class. A couple vicious and quick tapouts are what you need.

Deadpan Scientist
1/14/2005 6:15pm,
Disclaimer: Unless my instructor *specifically* notes the guy is new and needs to be helped, they get crushed. Crushed like no tommorrow.
Is that what my instructor means when he says "Be careful, he's new!"???

1/14/2005 6:18pm,
It isn't exactly what he says, its the WAY he says it - and a wink, with a throat cutting motion usually means DOOM FOR THE NEWBIE

1/14/2005 6:43pm,
In our class the first day you are instructed to roll with either a brown belt or purple (off to the side withdrawn from the rest of the class)...depending on who's available and they go over basic techniques, and other basic do's and donts...when I started I was instructed by the brown belt (best friends older brother) for about a week before he threw me to the wolves.

Worked out nicely, as i felt prepared for what was coming....I also came from a wrestling background (although I dont try dousch bag pressuring tactics) and was constantly berated for picking people up and slamming them...after a couple of cracked ribs and a hyper-extended elbow I am doing much better. Now I focus on techniqe mostly and try to get as much out rolling with a superior as possible.

LOL but for the first month I heard a lot of "this aint the god damn WWF Keith, put that guy down!


bye the way I sumbitted a blue twice today :icon_tong that felt gooooooood...then proceeded to get owned bye a purple belt...heading home to ice the neck :sad2:

1/14/2005 7:34pm,
i think it depends on the guy whether you should go with option 3 or option 2. i picked option 3.

1/14/2005 7:42pm,
I'll have to report what they do to me when I check out the local schools next week.

Deadpan Scientist
1/14/2005 7:46pm,
Since you already do bjj, you aren't a noob, noob.

1/14/2005 7:50pm,
I only had a few months experience before joining the Army, oh, and the 4 hours we did in basic training. I'm sure this noob is quite rusty.

Judah Maccabee
1/14/2005 7:55pm,
Why just BJJ? Granted, that was the circumstance in that thread, but it could apply to other disciplines.

When I first went up against my instructor, we traded punches back and forth for about a minute. Then I threw a lazy cross and didn't get back in time.


Left hook screams right into my head and I get knocked right to the ground complete with a half turn to land right on my chest. It sucked, but I guarantee you for the rest of the match, I never let the hand dangle.