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2/13/2003 7:03pm,

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KC Elbows
2/13/2003 7:12pm,
How many steet thucks have you fought?

Omega Supreme
2/13/2003 8:52pm,
phoney crap! whimp chun , **** fu, cry kwon do,bruce ***** lee way of the intercepting boner,lay my foot kung food,and all of the rest of made up crap out there including internet fu!! wake up and smell your blood after you get your ass kicked in a real life situation!and how about the "united schools of self masterbation " we cant forget those phoney pussies!!

That's funny...

Go away I'm talking to myself

2/13/2003 9:06pm,
I hate getting accosted by thucks.

**Oh my god! I don't wanna go to THE STREET mommy! All the mean crazy psycho ninjas pick on me and take my lunch money.**

2/13/2003 9:16pm,
bruce ***** lee way of the intercepting boner

Well, now you all know the real reason I take JKD ...

(board breaks with a kick)
"Is that it? I feel like I should bow, or have honor or something."
-- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Once More, With Feeling"

2/13/2003 9:31pm,
So, JKDChick, are you going to lock this thread or are you going to make Sanchin/Vicking share a forum with Peedee?

2/13/2003 9:55pm,
I refuse to believe that anyone could be this insane. I think he's actually some great satiric genius working on levels we can't even begin to fathom with our puny man-animal brains. And I'm proud to be his first target.


Omen Stone
2/13/2003 10:41pm,
This guy is such a *****, I am a untrained skinny white boy and I still think I can kick his ass.
Of course I am talking **** over the internet. I'd still give out my real address, like anyone on the forums are going to go over to my house and attack me.

"A California man has been taken to court for stalking Anna Nicole Smith. The man has been charged with invasion of privacy, illegal trespassing, and having really bad taste."-Conan

2/13/2003 10:59pm,
seek medication pronto

"said and done"

Fisting Kittens
2/13/2003 11:59pm,
I never fought a thuck on the street. I did once fight a truck on the street, and lemme tell you, BJJ did NOTHING for me there. I guess I should change arts again.

2/14/2003 3:23am,
Threads like this make me wonder.

If I envoke my ALMOST ALMIGHTY MOD POWERS (note: must come up with a way to wrestle more power away from KC. Must continue mad shceme to rule the world!) and delete senseless thread, shut I know what your thinking, will that make me a FORUM NAZI as IGBJJ implies? And being said NAZI should I care?

Decisions Decisions

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invinsible Asia) Emporer of Baji!!! THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST THE UNITED AUSSIE FRONT!!

"I love you Asia" - I Give BJJs Posted - December 25 2002 : 10:40:09

2/14/2003 4:35am,
OMG, this guy is either totally insane or a bad troll.

Either way he NEEDS to be put down now, and the world ridded
Of his stupidity.

The story of a woman on the morning of a war,
Remind me if you will exactly what we're fighting for.

KC Elbows
2/14/2003 9:47am,
[Eyes Asia suspiciously]

2/14/2003 10:48am,
I locked his other threads because they were specific attacks against someone who can't retaliate in an over-arching manner. PeeDee can take care of himself.

I didn't lock this thread because it's a generalised comment -- stupid though it is -- and I welcome debate.

[smiles sweetly at Asia and KC, palming the vial of nerve poison and edging towards their coffee cups]

(board breaks with a kick)
"Is that it? I feel like I should bow, or have honor or something."
-- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Once More, With Feeling"

2/14/2003 10:48am,
Reading a post on a computer bulletin board that states "...COMPUTERS HAVE POISONED YOUR MINDS". I guess they don't teach irony in jr. high school.

2/14/2003 11:26am,
is this guy Jamoke on meth?

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