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1/10/2005 1:58pm,
PeeDee used to post often On the ADCC forum. Almost always political crap. He made a bet with Streetfighter for "Ten whole dollars!" On the election yes the one in November. He lost (as did Kerry.) He posted a few more times saying he would pay the check is in the mail type bullshido, Then just disappeared! He talks about Honor calls the President a liar, But when it's time for PeeDee to do the right thing he skips out. A punkass move by my standards.

1/10/2005 2:19pm,
PM it, Stan. This'll hit Trollshido in a few more posts, I'd think.

1/10/2005 2:23pm,
Either way, it's going to GBS for now.

Long time no see KS.

1/10/2005 3:30pm,
Hey JKDChick and Phrost! I don't know these terms. What is "PM" and what is "GBS?"

1/10/2005 3:33pm,
Okay I got "General Bullshit" Have you guys visited ADCC lately? It's a zoo and ADMIM has Run off we no not where!

1/10/2005 3:34pm,
Oh I forgot to ask when is the last ime PeeDee posted here?

1/10/2005 3:42pm,
Few days ago, I think.

You guys should just blow that joint and come here. We actually have forums specifically for Combat Sports, and Political bullshit.

Omega Supreme
1/10/2005 3:47pm,
ADCC sucks...


Missed me bitch...

bwahahahaaahahah...heh, well I just wanted to be part of the conversation....

I'll go back over here.

1/10/2005 3:54pm,
Phrost, is it okay if I confront him on one of the threads he has posted? I will not be a total ass about it I promise.

Omega, thanks for your input, remember less is more.

1/10/2005 3:56pm,
Sup KS.

1/10/2005 4:08pm,
Yrkoon! One of my new favorite posters! Did you read the bit I did on SAW-JJ? it's on the ADCC forum. I loved your Retort on SAW. You're a call'um like you see'um type guy who does not apologize I respect that.

1/10/2005 4:09pm,
I'll check it now.

But in the mean time...



I want my two dollars!

1/10/2005 4:39pm,
KS, I just went over to ADCC.

OMFG. Ya'll went freaking mental. Well, not everyone. Just a couple of people. And in particular one notorious individual. WOWOWOW. The DIC is out of control. I'm going to go back over and read some more threads because the drama is just way too deep. I have got to know...will Johnny wake up from his coma, and will Jessica tell Bo about her evil twin sister? I have to know how this all plays out on As The Forum Turns.

1/10/2005 4:52pm,
Yeah it's a mad house frost I am going to start posting over here more I have a feeling ADCC may be going by by unless we can get our admin. back on board. This is a great board I just can't stand the dark backgrounds it just so much harded to read.

1/11/2005 1:58am,
If you think that's bad, you should see the horror that is the (ever changing) Trollshido forum.

1/14/2005 5:25pm,
PeeDee pay up! Do you need a loan of ten dollars?