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1/09/2005 4:09am,
Felipe Bido said he has your pic:


1/09/2005 4:26am,
God, if that is him I am SOOOOO not surprised.

1/09/2005 4:44am,
Considering a link was posted here as well, I somehow doubt it's really him.

Would be somewhat fitting though.

1/09/2005 6:00am,
God, if that is him I am SOOOOO not surprised.

Does that mean you think he's hot?

1/09/2005 6:16am,
He looks exactly as stupid as he is..

serious harm
1/09/2005 2:03pm,
It would APEAR that guy's elbows are out of alignment. It's just his level. That is a hard posture to maintain structure because it requires a seperation of up and down vertical forces. It's easy to do a static pose properly, with round structure, but while moving is alittle harder. My sister takes pictures of people all the time. I don't care if you think I have mullet, I don't .

serious harm
1/09/2005 2:13pm,
Obviously that guy is not a master or expert, but being an "expert" is not the goal of everyone. I can see the style he is doing myself. Of course he is nothing to these guys-



serious harm
1/09/2005 2:20pm,
Hmmmm. These articles might belong on this thread. I'm not sure.



I start up Chen ZHou Kui style Jan. 17. So if I get a chance, maybe I'll ask about all this internet ****.

1/09/2005 2:25pm,
I don't care if you think I have mullet, I don't .

But your Canadian, how is that possible?

Poop Loops
1/09/2005 2:25pm,
You're saying you don't currently train?


serious harm
1/09/2005 2:31pm,
I train Wild Goose qigong with a teacher. Taiji on my own. I start up again with the Canadian representative for Chen Zhou Kui style, Jan. 17. When I'm done doing physio, and getting massage therepy, and lighter type qigong, and train my body back in balance again, I may start Muay Thai again.

serious harm
1/09/2005 3:03pm,


One thing you can't see in the picture is the natural red dot sort of blood vessel on the side of the guys left eye, and the three brown dots below it. Meaning he is not a gangster, and the dots just appeared on their own.

Here is a better picture to view-



1/09/2005 4:56pm,
Serious Harm: what the **** do any of those articles have to do with anything?
**** off, cultist.

serious harm
1/09/2005 5:01pm,
Maybe they go with my picture. I don't know for sure. I have not ever been declared a lineage holder in a spiritual system, but I still know I am an important person in the future, or at least from a higher level being perspective, I set a good example for human kind, meaning you must cultivate to be saved. Aliens will not physically save your body in the final Havoc, neither will Jesus. Jesus will also not be able to cultivate your inner soul, your main concioussness. There are also bad aliens too, they will certainly not save anyone. But it is less known that there are in fact good ones too. It IS the new age, is all I really know for sure. Like Edgar Cayce said, the application of spiritual laws in the lives men shall stop or postpone many a natural disaster. I bleong to no cult, and am not exactly a part of any real ancient lineage either. But what I do is all legit, I am just not an expert, and I don't know everything. I may be wrong sometimes, I admit that, but I think most of you humans are more lost in the world, or three-realms( as verified by both the teachings of Falun Dafa, and the readings of Edgar Cayce, ) than I am

What is not known for sure by anyone, is if the human species will continue on earth after the " Great Purification" as prophesiced all over the globe. If human do survive, onlt ones who are enlightened will be able to incarnate on earth for the next 1000 years, is my limited understanding of such profound issues. In Falun Dafa, it is called the "LAst Havoc", or " Law rectification' of the human world. The bible has armaggedan, based on visions of an enlightened Apostle

1/09/2005 5:14pm,
Well serious harm, no matter how good a person you are, nothing will save you on x-day unless you give your 20$ donation to J.R. Bob Dobbs. Sorry to burst your bubble dude.

serious harm
1/09/2005 5:16pm,
You don't have to donate anything to anybody. It will only gain you virtue to donate to causes. You need virtue to cultivate to energy, but virtue alone is not enough