View Full Version : samurai_steve's ultimate cup of coffee (with pics!)

Judah Maccabee
1/07/2005 5:13am,
This documents my version of the American Coffee Ritual, similar in purpose to that of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

First, one must have all the implements necessary:


(from left to right: Brita Filter, Coffee Grinder, Teapot, measuring spoon (1tbsp), Sumatra coffee, and a French Press)

Next, one must pour the desired amount of water into the pot to be prepared to BOILING. In this case, 18oz.


(no comments on dirty kitchen, please)

While the water is heating, the beans must be ground to proper consistency and quantity. In the case of my cup, I have poured 18oz of water, and the ideal ratio is 2tbsp (10g) of beans for every 6oz of water. So, 6 tbsp (30g) of coffee beans goes into the grinder for 7-10 seconds, since a French Press uses a coarse grind.


Judah Maccabee
1/07/2005 5:14am,

By this point, the water should be boiling. It's critical that the water be boiling or else the coffee will not taste as full as it should be, since the oils are extracted only with water 190F or hotter. This water is now poured into the French Press over the beans, stirred, and left to soak for 4 minutes.


After 4 minutes, press down lightly till plunger is all the way down, pour and serve!


To recap, the critical factors are:

Temp of water (190F or hotter)
Quantity of beans (2 tbsp per 6oz of water)
Quality of grind (In my grinder, 7-10 seconds; at Starbucks, a French Press/coarse grind in their machine)
Steeping time: 4 mins in the french press.

Thank you. Now off to work!

Lights Out
1/07/2005 5:59am,
Although i like coffe, this is too much effort to bother at first time in the morning, everyday.

Guess I could impress a couple of chicks I know with that, though.

1/07/2005 8:05am,
Is that an empty bottle of champagen in the background?

1/07/2005 9:55am,
While you get props for using a French (freedom?) press, the bag with the demonic logo of Starbucks has got to go.

I should convince my boss to buy a nice French press for work. Given that our network computers are named after coffees (latte, espresso, ....), I think she'd go for it.

Judah Maccabee
1/07/2005 11:50am,
Starbucks isn't demonic, it's heavenly.

And to make this thread more germane to the topic, if you drink caffeinated beverages such as green tea or coffee prior to working out, you kick your metabolism up a notch and burn some more calories.

1/07/2005 12:09pm,
You have a lot of time on your hands dont you?

Judah Maccabee
1/07/2005 12:12pm,
I have enough time for the ultimate cup of coffee. Short of a fresh espresso, nothing is superior to a french press for making a high quality cup of coffee. That's why whenever we sample coffee to customers, we use that rather than the general brewing method with a paper filter and such.

Besides, this might inspire people to go out and get the materials. Including the beans, it should all cost about $50 for grinder, the press, and a lb of fresh beans.

1/07/2005 12:20pm,
I have a french press and it does make awesome coffee. However, it resides at the back of my cupboard now because it is such a hassle.

1/07/2005 12:21pm,
You have a lot of time on your hands dont you?

1/07/2005 12:24pm,
I got some jamacan blue mountain coffee from a local coffee merchant for christmas and I'm worried that I'm becoming addicted to it (as an espresso from a stove kettle).

The way to make time for french press coffee in the morning is to put the hot water and coffee in the pot then leave it to steep while you shower. I like my coffee stronger then most though.

Judah Maccabee
1/07/2005 12:27pm,
Yeah.... I like strong tea, but overly strong coffee doesn't appeal to me.

Surprisingly, even though Starbucks doesn't sell them, they offer directions and advice on how to grind beans for and prepare espresso with the stove-top aluminum devices. I remember the advantages being:

- Doesn't need power
- Perfect for people who don't want or need steam for their espresso.

1/07/2005 12:55pm,
I got a bag of Peet's Holiday Blend from my cousin for Christmas. I can't wait to get into it, but I'm selfish and am not too keen on sharing with my roommate, so I gotta wait til he leaves town for a couple of days.

1/07/2005 3:32pm,
You think that's a hassle, you should see what I go through for a Dewar flask of hot black tea...