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1/06/2005 9:07pm,
first off let me say that im 17 and a vegitarin and i just started weight training heavily- I don't want this thread to turn into a bullshit argument about vegitarianism but here are my questions- I don't think I get enough protien so I ordered this -
I talked to one of the guys from the website- and he said that on average you should get 1 to 2 grams of protien per pound of bodyweight to build muscle everyday- is this true? if so I should probably drink like 3 big glasses of that stuff a day to start building muscle considering i probably get less than 100 grams of protien a day
any sugestions? or other things like protien bars people can recomend

Deadpan Scientist
1/06/2005 9:15pm,
All the answers you seek are in the Protein FAQ, which is stickied in the Physical Training, Diet, and Health forum, which is where you should have posted this.