View Full Version : wave forms, players to the game and the quadrant theory please help!!!!!!

1/06/2005 7:52am,
is there any one here who could help me retrieve the info on these topics i would be very greatful as i have not been able to find any info any where

1/06/2005 7:58am,
Why do you keep asking this? I told you before, if you have so much experience in martial arts and don't understand some related concept there are two possibilities.

1. You are a tool.

2. The concept is bullshit.

When you first posted, the most likely explanation was number 2.

Now it is number 1.

1/06/2005 8:35am,
Blimey, 'ee done struck again, 'ee has!

What's da word on dis 'ere bloke, wushu12003? Sound a might like the nancy boy type, 'ee does! Why I bet he good do wif a bit a dee ol' hooliganary 'ee could! Perhaps we should bugger on over to 'is flat and give is old missus a right rogering we should!

1/06/2005 8:39am,
Guilty. 1st degree island monkey fagerty.