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12/29/2004 11:54am,
Does anyone know any information about when this is coming out?

Or if anyone has seen this movie yet, is it worth seeing?

12/29/2004 11:57am,
yeah, its worth it, not really a martial arts flick though..

12/29/2004 12:03pm,
It looked like another kung-fu type movie like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, is there not much fighting?

12/29/2004 12:06pm,
I believe it's worth seeing.

It does have some good fight scenes but the story is pretty developed.

I'd say it's about 70% Story 30% Action.

The cinematography is amazing.

12/29/2004 12:11pm,
Yeah that's why it looks so good, the cinematography looks beautiful, like in 'Hero.'

12/29/2004 4:15pm,
It is stunning to watch, but its a love story that just happens to feaure a bit of kung fu. This makes it a different kettle of fish to Hero and Crouching Wossname.

Its a good film to take a girlfriend to.

12/29/2004 4:21pm,
Definitely worth watching.

Just do like most of us and snag a copy off ebay.

12/29/2004 4:31pm,
My friend told me that it stars "Ziyi Zhang, who makes men smith swords in their pants." I think this means it's a good movie, but I haven't seen it.

12/29/2004 4:32pm,
I just went to see it, it truly is stunning.
Also, if you can ignore the fact that it is actually Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon then it is pretty enjoyable.

GAB corp.
12/29/2004 7:32pm,
I thought it was ok. The story was good, but then it seemed like they dragged it out.


12/29/2004 9:37pm,
Yeah Ziyi Zhang is in like every artsy kung-fu movie that has made it's way to the US. But I was reading about her and it turns out (if this is true) that she has never trained in martial arts before and is actually a dancer... I think they should only cast people who can do martial arts (as long as they are decent enough actors)....

12/29/2004 9:54pm,
The story wasnt overly great, wire-fu a plenty, and lots of questions remain at the end.. but she's hot so its worth the watch.

12/29/2004 11:25pm,
I'm disappointed in Zhang Yimou now... It seems that all he is good at is setting up picturesque scenes. There is certainly skill required to frame scenes nicely, but it wasn't enough to carry this movie. His use of color is getting boring now. He seems to overuse the 'entire scene in one color' (also used in Hero) trick. It is a neat effect and can make for some dazzling views, but seems like more of a novelty than something that should be used over and over and over like he does.

The movie is fun to watch, but you can't even kind-of-sort-of take the plot seriously. I especially hated the snow scene, where a certain character's (not to spoil it) impending death and repeated miraculous prolonging of life becomes unintentionally comedic.

If the story were a little better written, it could have been a great movie. I also have to say that the actors all did a great job. Andy Lau's transition in the movie IMHO was fantastic.

...And Zhang Ziyi is a rottie...I didn't like her at first...but what can I say...she grew on me!

12/29/2004 11:52pm,
Its a pretty good flick but its more of a romantic movie somehting to bring the girl to if she like a little blood. You can find a rip of it on the net posibly or look in your local chinatwon bootleg section. Its origninal title is called "The Lovers"

Fantasy Warrior
12/30/2004 2:59am,
I loved it. See it for what it is -an epic Wire-fu flick with a cute chick and some sort of plot not worth remembering -but very entertaining. And the fight in the bamboo forest was awesome -good material for a fantasy warrior cartoons. The other big fight on the plain had some great bits but ended a bit boringly. Loads of twists.

But it's the cute chick that did it for me.

9.5/10 -(but not for MA content)

12/30/2004 5:18pm,
You guys are all over the map on this one...geez...

I've got a copy from the local chinese mall...now I'm not sure if I want to even bother opening it. LOL!