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Peter H.
12/29/2004 10:49am,

My first experience with Law and Order was back in 1994 when my crim law prof required us to watch Law and Order every week and discuss what occured at the next class.

I was hooked.

I can watch 12 hours of L&O straight and never be bored, now, Briscoe has passed.

He was also Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, as well as doing a host of other work:
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001583/?fr=c2l0ZT1kZnxteD0yMHxzZz0xfGxtPTIwMHx0dD1vbnxwbj 0wfHE9b3JiYWNofGh0bWw9MXxubT1vbg__;fc=1;ft=20;fm=1

12/29/2004 10:55am,
He was also I believe part of the first cast of the long-running play "The Fantastiks".

L&O re-runs on TNT are a common way to fill time at my family's house (that and History Channel).

Also, he looked a LOT younger than he actually was.

Beneath Contempt
12/29/2004 11:24am,
I know there are 70,000+ dead and dying in the Indian Ocean, but I loved Jerry Orbach in L&0 - and it's bad news, baby.

Peter H.
12/29/2004 12:00pm,
Exactly, almost 100,000 dead is a tragedy or enourmous magnitude. But how do you mourn the death of that many people at one? How do you eulegize them? How do you celebrate the life works of them all?

You can't, it is up to individuals to mourn and remember those that have touched them. I know no one personally who has died from the disater in South East Asia, so while I feel the tragic loss that is that mass of live being destroyed, any words I can say other than "That's horrible" are simply hollow, unfeeling tribute to people I didn't know.

While Mr. Orbach, I didn't know personally, I do know what his work menat to myself and my family, so he has touched me and I choose to remember him.