View Full Version : So am I the only dork that put up a personal picture in his profile?

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12/28/2004 8:53am,
Just clicking into people's profiles and I've seen like one personal pic...... and it was a disturbing frightening joke- it had t be.... can't remember whose it was, mostly I'm trying to repress.

Come on people, it's not like we're ALL going to beat off to your picutre if you put it up, just a few obvious people like KFSS and nedhinkly.

Also, I think it's time to replace my personal pic..... not sure with what yet, but I'll come up with something ^_^

12/28/2004 9:10am,
Come on people, it's not like we're ALL going to beat off to your picutre if you put it up, just a few obvious people like KFSS and nedhinkly.

With that line alone you've probably sent most running.

Note that you need supporting membership to do it I think.

12/28/2004 9:11am,
I've had my picture in my profile for a while, which is how BNH came up with this:


Which probably explains why most people don't post their real picture.

12/28/2004 9:20am,
My profile picture is Christmas themed. My daughter hiding from Sandy Claws, that is. I'm considering a change after New Years. I'm always good for a few self-depreciating pic's after a couple glasses of bubbley.

Don Gwinn
12/28/2004 9:42am,
Tell us whether your finger is on the trigger in that pic and we'll tell you whether you're a dork. ;)

12/28/2004 9:51am,
Mine's in there. Hoped it'd encourage more of it, but the dynamic of this place is what it is.

Don Gwinn
12/28/2004 10:07am,
So. . . . you're not Penn Gillette?

12/28/2004 10:37am,
I have always used a real picture of myself as the profile pic.
Hell, with my ever changing avatar I used 37 different pics of myself and my family.
I remember when I first joined, it seemed everbody had a pic of themself in their avatar: Anthony, Phrost, Doc., Shar, Sharky, Ronin69 just to name a few.

12/28/2004 10:42am,
Hmm, mine wasn't showing up. There it is:


12/28/2004 10:49am,
I like the splits in the background!

I just put mine up, though I've posted pictures of my slim firm body multiple times.

12/28/2004 11:21am,
My finger is not on the trigger as I only fire when I damn well mean to, and I know I'm not good enough to ensure that with my twitchy hand on the trigger.


^ see, I twitched there, that could've been a bystander!

Judah Maccabee
12/28/2004 12:08pm,
I like my profile pic. :D

If people cared to see my pic, they could see it in the Chicago McThrowdown II thread.

Can Chaser
12/28/2004 1:05pm,
Nice gun, Mr. Okie-Dude. :icon_mrgr

There are too damn many crazy bastards on here that would enjoy a picture of me far too much. Heeeeell no.

12/28/2004 1:18pm,
Ok, so you ladies have a valid excuse.

Still I mock fear, thus I mock you!

mock mock mock mockmockmock!



In all seriousness, never post your pic here, you will regret it.

12/28/2004 5:18pm,
So far, everyone has been polite when it comes to pics of me and my family (and pets too!)

Some of the ones of myself have been for humorous purposes only. If I had any self respect, I wouldn't have ever posted them. :) Any thing for a good laugh.

12/28/2004 5:42pm,
Mine's in my avatar.