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12/27/2004 4:57am,

what do you think?

12/27/2004 4:59am,
Looks like the poster artist owes Remedy some royalties.

edit: but it looks cool

12/27/2004 10:15am,
Wow, they actually kept the comic's mix of monochrome and color. Makes me feel enthusiastic about a project I thought would be doomed since they day it was concieved.

Peter H.
12/27/2004 11:14am,
If Sky Captain hadn't been a piec of ****, I would have higher hopes for the pulp feel and all digital sets.

As it is, the cast looks great and I am looking forward to it.

12/27/2004 6:22pm,
That's one of my favorite comics. I am giddy for this movie.

Jaguar Wong
12/27/2004 10:46pm,
I've never read the comic, but this trailer makes me want to hunt down some trade paper backs or something before it comes out.

The Wastrel
12/28/2004 12:35am,
Look, Frank Miller was cool and all on Batman and Daredevil, but Sin City was complete garbage. Hookers with hold-out pistols and man-oh-man it's black and white but this one character is in color...trippy.

Complete, unadulterated, well-drawn tripe. Bought every single one of them until I realized this about halfway through That Yellow Bastard.

Edit: watched the trailer. How could I have forgotten the little ninja hookers? Good god, this is what happens to a good artist when he reads too much of his own press.

heng fa
12/28/2004 1:24am,
I'll watch Rosario Dawson do just about anything and be fine about it...but I am waiting to hear more about Miller's "Ronin" to hit the screen.