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12/23/2004 9:10pm,
I picked this off some forum. It makes me wonder how far they will take this. For people who want to protect their liberties and freedoms this may be of concern. (Notice the source)

http://www.aljazeerah.info/Opinion%20editorials/2004%20opinions/December/11%20o/Intelligence%20Reform%20or%20Patriot%20Act%202%20B y%20Mike%20Whitney.htm

"( Intelligence Reform or Patriot Act 2?

By Mike Whitney

Al-Jazeerah, December 11, 2004

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in an American flag” Huey Long, Senator (D-LA)

“The new provision enshrines the principle of arbitrary imprisonment;
allowing the president to incarcerate anyone he chooses (indefinitely)
without charges.”

The new Intelligence reform bill reads like a “how-to” manual for
constructing fascism in the “homeland”. This is no joke. At 600 plus pages
none of the senators or congressman even had time to read it, but like the
Patriot Act, they’ve rammed it through to satisfy their paymasters. By next
week, President Bush will have signed it into law and we’ll be stuck with
the aftereffects for years.

Predictably, the media has diverted public attention from the content of
the bill, focusing instead on the cabinet-level position of NID (National
Intelligence Director) The new post integrates many of the individual
(intelligence) agencies under one senior manager, but does little to improve
national security. In fact, it just adds another layer of bureaucracy to an
already confusing system. Americans are in greater danger now than ever
because of the stubborn refusal to make changes in foreign policy. As a
recent classified Pentagon report stated, “They don’t hate our freedom, they
hate our policies” and those policies have only gotten worse since the
occupation of Iraq. The appointment of an Intelligence czar does nothing to
relieve that situation.

Intelligence reform has been a stealth-project from the get-go. It was
intended to shift the blame for 9-11 and the Iraq war (WMD) to the Intel
organizations (primarily the CIA). It’s complete nonsense. Everyone knows
the problems stemmed from the falsifying of information by the Bush team, so
there was no reason to go through all the hoopla of “fixing” the system.
Instead of addressing the underlying issues, the new bill eviscerates
what’s left of the Bill of Rights and hands over more power to Bush. Now,
Bush is free to hand-pick the men he wants for top-level Intelligence
positions without Senate confirmation; an invitation to create his personal
security apparatus without congressional interference. The bill also
decreases Congress’ powers of oversight. The new Intelligence Director can
exempt his office from “audits and investigations, and Congress will not
receive reports from an objective internal auditor.” In other words,
Congress has limited its own access to critical information of how taxpayer
dollars are being spent. They’ve simply given up their role of checking for
presidential abuse.

The bill “eliminates provisions to ensure that it (Congress) receives
timely access to intelligence, and it also allows the White House's Office
of Management and Budget to screen testimony before the Intelligence
Director presents it to the Congress.” So, now Bush can either stonewall
Congress entirely or just cherry-pick the tidbits he doesn’t mind handing
over. The Congress is just paving the way for even greater secrecy.
Needless to say, all the whistle-blower protections have been removed from
the new bill. In this new paradigm of Mafia-style governance the only
unpardonable offense is reporting the crimes of one’s bosses. Now, the Bush
Fedayeen can purge the entire intelligence apparatus and no one will be the

Also, the Intelligence budget (around$20 billion) will be shielded from
Congressional scrutiny. Can you believe it? The Congress is cutting a blank
check for $20 billion to Bush and they don’t want to know what he’s doing
with the money?!? There’s no doubt that copious amounts of cash will be
dumped into illicit activity, like dirty tricks, covert operations, torture
facilities and death squads.

And here’s a good one: “The Intelligence Director shall have authority to
direct or undertake electronic surveillance and physical search operations
pursuant to FISA if authorized by statute or executive order.”
Executive order? Oh, good. You won’t need to bother with cumbersome courts
and laws to overturn the 4th amendment anymore; just a nod from George Bush
and away-you-go. Did even one senator consider that the 4th amendment was
designed to protect against the intrusions of a monarch? Now, they’ve
surrendered that power to Bush?

Another provision asserts that terrorist suspects may be immediately
considered flight risks, so prosecutors don’t have to prove it to a judge.
Just the label of “terrorist” is enough to eliminate the “presumption of
innocence”. If the Bush Stasi throws you in the slammer, you must be guilty.
Otherwise, why would they waste their time?

The administration has been working on this angle for some time. Whether
rounding up 1200 suspects after 9-11 and dispatching them in secret
hearings, or rolling up enemy combatants and dumping them in solitary
confinement; the Bushies never liked the idea that someone had to break the
law to be arrested. This new provision enshrines the principle of arbitrary
imprisonment; allowing the president to incarcerate anyone he chooses
(indefinitely) without charges.

This cuts the heart-and soul out of the Bill of Rights. It overturns the 5th
and 6th amendments and eviscerates due process protections in
one-fell-swoop. What’s to keep the president from tossing political enemies,
protestors or union activists in jail? If he hangs the terror moniker on
them he’s not required to make any explanation or produce any evidence. Why
bother with rights or attorneys? This bill gives Bush’s “gut-feelings” the
force of the law.

It’s hauntingly clear when Bush said he didn’t mind dictatorship “as long
as I’m the dictator”, he was being remarkably clairvoyant.
Is it possible that the average citizen still can’t see what’s going on?
Beyond the media fog, the Intelligence Reform bill is the worst abridgement
of civil rights since the Patriot Act. It further enhances the power of the
president while cutting the ground out from under the Constitution.

These fascist schemes aren’t being cooked up in the Oval Office. It’s
doubtful that Bush will ever even read this miserable bill, but he knows its
content, and he knows it is endorsed by his most powerful constituents.
They’ve produced a coherent ideology that disguises their real intentions
and now, they’re putting their plan into action. With the support of key
players in the House and Senate (and media) they’re remaking the American
political system. There’s nothing accidental about these dramatic,
Constitution-shredding provisions. They simply reflect the values of a
“privileged few” who do not accept the legitimacy of democratic government.
This new bill shows their determination to establish autocratic rule in

So far, I’d say they're doing a pretty decent job." ) "


Link http://www.thelibertycommittee.org/update12.07.04.htm

"Remember how passage of the Patriot Act was handled? Members had only
two to three hours to read the final 400-page bill before they had to cast their
vote. The legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was
handled in the same way.

So, here we go again. Everyone is talking about this monumental legislation
as if they've read it. News reporters, commentators, political analysts, think tanks;
9/11 families; and yes, members of Congress are busy sounding off as experts
trying to convince the American public that Congress should pass it. Have any
of these people actually read it? Their opinions are just based upon someone
else's opinions that are based upon other people's opinions and so on.

The House version of the intelligence reorganization bill is in two volumes.
Volume 1 is 1,778 pages. Volume 2 is 1,586 pages. How many pages are in
the final conference report and what exactly has been added or deleted at the
last minute? Well, as of 2:00 p.m. ET, the final report is not available for members
to read. But the vote on that enormous bill will be held within hours. ...."


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We should always be concerned.

12/24/2004 2:25am,
I just don't understand what all the debate is about. I don't understand what people don't understand about:

If you are not doing anything wrong, illegal, or anti-american what are you worried about?

12/24/2004 2:58am,
What's anti-American?

Oh, and good luck coming up with an answer to that that isn't going to make me neg rep you.

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