View Full Version : Bruce Lee state quarter!

12/21/2004 5:07pm,
thats right, for my own state of washington I have sent in my design for a quarter


On a serious note, how many of you guys collect the quarters? I've been able to get most of'em without even trying though I know some people like to get them as soon as possible.

My personal favourite? texas - because it looks like a soviet coin. The one I hate the most is florida. Looks like some kid with clipart did it. The funniest coin would be new hampshire - whose "man in the mountain" they decided to put on their coin no longer exists. It collapsed off the mountain in the same year the quarter was released.

Deadpan Scientist
12/21/2004 5:17pm,
no collecting quarters is for losers.

12/21/2004 5:20pm,
no collecting quarters is for losers.
Santa is correct. . .please read below:

Started to collect them. . .had a 'subscription' to one of those services that send them to you in a lucite block, as soon as they are minted ("untouched by human hand"). I didn't realize for a long time that my wife thought it was my $$ stash for the soda machine, so was using them to pay for her parking meter.
*walks around with "pwned by wife" sticker on back of shirt*



12/21/2004 5:44pm,
I collect money in the bank.