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Omega Supreme
12/19/2004 12:10am,
So I'm over at the www.selfdefenseforums.com and I posted an actual logical observation on a thread about "phases" in combat. I actually contribute to it and because I disagreed they banned me. bwhahahahaha you've got to love the hypocricy of this whole thing.

They actually think a cupped hand shot to the throat is a lethal technique. Dangerous and effective but lethal??? bwhahahahahaahahaha.

I actually, naively, thought this site was worth posting on. Too bad there are a bunch of short sited, closed minded idiots in there moderation staff and membership.


It's obvious none of these little fuckers know what they are talking about they just like to spout off the cum they get all over themselves after they read their latest blackbelt mag.

12/19/2004 12:12am,
I imagine self defense as taught by omega would look like this:


And those guys are tools.

12/19/2004 12:32am,
You know, I just thought of something Omega. Have you ever heard of Don Rearic? He just happens to be a buddy of phil elmore, and every bit the self-professed "combat expert" and online whore as mcdojo phil.

This is what it says at Don Rearic's website:

These pages coordinated through cooperative effort by Don Rearic and PhilElmore.com.

You embarrassed Rearic's buddies, mcdojo phil and Tough Tony and Don Rearic has some influence at the SDF, I have no doubt that's the primary reason you were kicked off the site. They had to get you back anyway they could. Bunch of losers if you ask me.

12/19/2004 12:36am,
Working link:


12/19/2004 1:18am,
Well, at least you gave them something to talk about now....................

Te No Kage!
12/19/2004 1:30am,
Wow, how many times can they refer to their forum as a "house"? I bet they're a barrel of laughs around the Christmas dinner table. Don't disrespect me in my house! Don't be sarcastic in my house!

"you dont not get to tell us how to behave"

this guy sounds like Ben Stiller's charactar from Dodgeball

"cram it in your cramhole!" "nobody makes me bleed my own blood!"

12/19/2004 1:35am,
so....they all avoided the discussion and banned you for being a "big meanie", that's just sad.

12/19/2004 1:38am,
Very funny ****.

12/19/2004 1:40am,
for some reason Jeopardy comes to mind. "I"m sorry, we can't accept your answer because it was not given in the form of a queston."

12/19/2004 1:40am,
so....they all avoided the discussion and banned you for being a "big meanie", that's just sad.

I found it funny a SDF mod warned they would ban Omega just for having a "I beat up people" in his sig. This was a joke considering these nut jobs do nothing but talk about knifing people and utilizing lethal techniques to take out their attackers. Idiots.

12/19/2004 1:42am,
Wow, how many times can they refer to their forum as a "house"?

That's what homeless-phobia can do to you.

12/19/2004 1:43am,
And those homeless black men aren't allowed into their house...

12/19/2004 1:53am,
And those homeless black men aren't allowed into their house...

I wonder if the homeless have to worry about particular rotund RBSD psychopath stalking them? :phil:

Sankt Nikolaus
12/19/2004 3:27am,
I read more of the site and its a mixed bag. Some pple some knowledge and even sound reasonable some are less than stellar (much like here or anyother forum) but in light of Omega's experience I found this post thread intresting:


Omega Supreme
12/19/2004 6:12am,
Yeah kungfools, did anybody find that hypocritcal when guys had ju-jew-jitsu in their sig or how about Right Wing Redneck as part of their profile. Then if that wasn't enough, the original **** nut emailed me twice just to go Nyahnananana. And then spout off to me about being where the adults were......

This is what omega get's for trying to be peaceful on another forum for the sake of change. I should've just laid into them like I usually do. Hey Kungfools you need to update your sig to say the scourge of selfdefensefucknuts.com

12/19/2004 10:34am,
Sounds like time for a forum invasion.