View Full Version : I&I composite VS Stickman

12/17/2004 2:44pm,
The i&i sports composite VS Stickman (solid version) composite, which is better? here's my research so far. 26 inch i&i sports stick is heavier at 14 ounces compared to the 26inch Stickman which is 12ounces. The i&i is black and has some sort of grip material on it. The Stickman is clear and can have personalized writing down the side. i&i is cheaper by $5. Which would you guys suggest buying?

12/18/2004 6:26pm,
Just a personal thing with me, but I don't like composites. They just feel...wrong. But I've heard really good things about Stickman's composites and have heard nothing about I&I's composites, so I'd say go with Stickman.