View Full Version : Pit bull kills a baby.

12/14/2004 9:54pm,

That woman must feel horrible.

12/14/2004 10:18pm,
Such a sad story. They both had to die...

12/15/2004 2:27am,
---"Most dog owners will tell you their pet would never do anything like that," he said.---

---The tragedy is a reminder that dogs can't be trusted around babies or small children, Garber said.---

anyone sense anything outta whack ???

in china ... they solve the problem in a rather filling way ...

12/15/2004 4:44am,
This is truely horrible story but not the first of its kind I've heard.

Pitbull's were specially bred by us to be psycho vicious killer guard dogs. To me its not surprising when one of them does something psycho and vicious to kill an infant.

If you got mike tyson to have children with a female serial killer like Aileen Wuornos and repeat this choice of breeding based on aggression and strength over generations, you can expect overly aggressive - physically strong and mentally unstable children. I don't know why people expect anything different when animals are bred like that and are willing to accomodate pit bulls in their home.