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12/14/2004 5:57pm,
Ariel Sharon or Yasser Arafat?

Is there anyone who thinks that Arafat has somehow done more terrible acts than Sharon?

On a side note thank GOD Arafat's dead! I personally think he got a very bad rep, although he was an asshole, but now that he's dead the peace process can actually move forward.

There will always be weirdos is black face masks wanting to fight but when the govt's actually decide to stop their bullshit they'll be treated like any other criminals and hopefully locked away if they dont decide to play nice and actually help out the people of their elected govts.

Peter H.
12/14/2004 6:00pm,
I'm pretty sure Arafat has more dead than Sharon. Also, taking money meant to feed and cloth his people and squirriling it away and using it to a mass a large personal fortune. Then allowing television programs to go on the air encouraging children to kill themselves for Palestinian freedom, something he is not willing to do himself, yeah, that makes him worse in my eye.

12/14/2004 6:02pm,
Are you aware that Ariel Sharon's crimes as well as Arafats?

You ahould be aware of BOTH parties killings before you make a decision.

Deadpan Scientist
12/14/2004 6:08pm,
peedee you are clearly an anti semite for saying anything negative about a jew.

12/14/2004 6:11pm,
Even comparing the two in any werious way is fucking retarded.

While I am not a big fan of Sharon to say the least, he's a retired army general with a histoty of _some_ brutality while Arafat was a know terrorist who has organized, orchestrated, and carried out attacks against civillians.

Peedee, please stop.

12/14/2004 6:13pm,
And yes, I'm well aware of Sharon's history, as I am of Arafat's. In fact, I'd venture to say that I know a hell of a lot more than you about the history of the State of Israel and their conflicts and struggles.

12/14/2004 6:14pm,

12/14/2004 6:26pm,
I didnt ask you about "the history of the State of Israel and their conflicts and struggles.", I asked you about Sharon and Arafat.

Sice you're well educated on the subject would you care to explain what the world considers the worst of Sharons acts and then detail the worst of Arafats?

I dont mean 1 Sharon incident and then Arafats entire terrorist history either.

Help us out and enlighten me.

12/14/2004 6:44pm,
I cant' go into a full account of all of their crimes - it's way the hell out of the scope of this discussions.

Basically, it boils down to Sharon's actions in Lebanon in the 80s, where he may have been an overzealous commander and may have been personally responsible for the deaths of a few hundred people. However, 1) this happaned during a legit and declared war, and 2) the information that we do have about the exact way those events unfolded is unclear and often contradictory. In any case, I happen to think that he's likeley guilty of some war crimes during that time.

Arafat, on the other hand, started out as a terrorist, made a career of killing civillians, became a terrorist matermind, continued his career by orcherstrating the killing of civillians, then became the head of the PA, and did everything in his power to stall the peace process, while covering up and defending terrorists.

Peedee, I can't stand both of these fucks. Sharon is a political opportunist and likeley a criminal. Arafat, however, has cause so much grief and is responsible for so many lives, that Ariel Sharon doesn't even come close to competing.

12/14/2004 6:46pm,
Now, you will likeley bring up the Israeli policies of buldozing houses and building their little wall as examples of Sharon's war crimes. I don't want to get into that argument, IMHO, there's a lot that is debatable with that stance, however, even if I grant you that point, it still PALES in comparison to what Arafat has done throughout his career.

12/14/2004 8:54pm,
who cares, they're both going to hell.

PS jesus saves

Peter H.
12/14/2004 10:22pm,
Are you aware that Ariel Sharon's crimes as well as Arafats?

You ahould be aware of BOTH parties killings before you make a decision.

PD, try reading the posts of people who disagree with you. I understand the blood on Sharon's hands. You asked for an opinion, I gave it and my reasons for said opinion.

Judah Maccabee
12/14/2004 10:57pm,
At least we can agree on the fact that whole milk isn't the best thing in the world for you.

12/15/2004 2:23am,
old news ...

Judah Maccabee
12/15/2004 2:41am,
Addressing PD's comment about the peace process:

Well, Abbas said that the Palestinian intifada needs to end in terms of using violence as a method of negotiation. Personally, I think Abbas is the best chance for peace. There are some conservatives who think Abbas is a poor leader because of his Holocaust revisionism in the past, but I think that's a bit ridiculous, especially since (I believe) he has recanted his views since then.

Arafat's death certainly eliminated several roadblocks. However, Hamas is still dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel, truce talks and hudna-offerings to the contrary, an imprisoned murderer was floated as a viable candidate for leader of the Palestinian people, and as far as I can tell, there has not been a rollback in promoting the "Culture of Death" that Hapko posted about several weeks ago.

There needs to be more facts on the ground on the part of both sides, but fundamentally, more so on the Palestinians. Israel's Knesset is getting nearly to the point of FUBAR if they can't maintain a coalition committed to the current barrier route and disengagement plan. I'm nowhere near well-versed enough to confront the beef that Labor has with Likud regarding economic policy, but that seems to be the biggest sticking point at the moment. Sharon dicked over Shinui by giving hundreds of millions to the Haredi (ultra-orthodox), whom most of Israel look down upon since they don't serve in the army.

Finally, I think that the recent rash of publicity regarding some Israeli actions in the Territories underscores the need for those troops to get the **** out of there. My personal position on this issue has been slowly changing as I see certain trends not being changed. While I can't subscribe to an unconditional withdrawal plan, I think there needs to be a re-emphasis on disengagement and ending the occupation with territory swappage.

If Abbas can play ball well enough to shelve or postpone the issue of the "right of return" till after this point, that would be Nobel-worthy right there.

12/16/2004 2:39am,
who cares, they're both going to hell.

PS jesus saves

Couldn't have put it better myself.