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serious harm
12/14/2004 4:04pm,
I don't necessarily agree or disagree with eveything said on this thread, but it was interesting to see the far reaching implications of the philosophies behind MAs. I did not write this.

"Helly everyone,

For those who don't know, in Buddhist philosophy, a Bodhisattva is someone who develops Bodhicitta, or, mind of enlightenment. However, as the individual strives towards such a high goal, they feel as though they are limited by the fact that they, too, are suffering. So that they can be of aid to others, they decide to become Buddhas for a Buddha is capable of unlimited compassion and wisdom. Jesus was a prime example of a Bodhisattva capable of enduring suffering and pain in order to help other humans in the achievement of a higher state in the Samsara cycle (reincarnation based on past actions) and eventually the attainment of Buddhahood.

The problem is that later on, after Guatama spread his teachings in the West, Middle East and Europe (where Buddhism reached Greece), Christianity changed the whole picture into a Religion and all that jazz.

IMO Christianity has lost the plot. The fact is that is based in numerous inaccuracies resulting from the multiple changes the Bible has been subjected to. For instance we have:



This other one discusses Jesus as an extraordinary human being but nothing else:


Of course Christianity needed to create a mockery out of Jesus message in order to create the biggest religious sect of all. And what about Jesus's death. The following link proves that Jesus was a Bodhisattva and he actually didn't die the way the Bible pictures it. I agree and support the contents of this site because I am all for truth and wisdom, not fear of God and ignorance:


I hope you enjoy all the readings.


The thread-

12/14/2004 4:10pm,
You must hate life.

serious harm
12/14/2004 4:10pm,
It is not my opinion that everything comes from Buddha Sakyamuni or Jesus Christ, as single individuals.

serious harm
12/14/2004 4:11pm,
WHy would I hate life? Life is a part of the great principle. It is the human mind which must be transcended.

12/14/2004 4:12pm,
Did the end of HL2 teach you nothing.

serious harm
12/14/2004 4:15pm,
Oh, I'm not really into PC games. Although I saw clips of Half Life 2 on TV and it looked really good. I just think that to proclaim a game best of all time, afew days after it comes out is a good way to feel foolish in a few years down the line, or months even. It takes time to fully judge a game. I haven't played half life, I don't believe the hype. What happens at the end? I'll say it looked better than Halo. I'm probably gonna get Metriod Prime 2 for the live multi player mode

12/14/2004 4:19pm,
The only way to transcend the human mind is to sell you consoles and buy a real system.

serious harm
12/14/2004 4:23pm,
That's what consoles are, developed specifically for gaming. Powerful where they need to be, and ignore what is not funcional for game programming. PC's have never been on the level of consoles, no matter how many years they tell you that it's just a matter of time. Althoug, the last years of a consoles life is the best time for computer fans to say their system is best. But then the new concoles come out and blow anything on computer away. Plus consoles are for real games not simulations.

12/14/2004 4:28pm,
When will you learn that all games are simulations, but that reality is subjective, making all games unknowable.

12/14/2004 4:28pm,
Comparing superstitions is silly.

12/14/2004 4:29pm,
Spirituality and MA have NOTHING to do with each other.

12/14/2004 4:35pm,

12/14/2004 5:01pm,
Spirituality and MA have NOTHING to do with each other.

Heretic! :biggrin:

12/14/2004 6:34pm,
you wont be received well here with that , go to e-sangha, this is not a spiritual forum my friend.

12/14/2004 8:57pm,
i don't even believe in jebus