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12/12/2004 9:36pm,
So I wear shoes when I train. :zicon_ram

Seriously, why does anyone train barefoot? If you're training for self-defense, why train in a way that wouldn't apply in a street situation? Maybe someone can give me an explanation of the pros of barefoot martial arts...

Bizzaro Root
12/12/2004 9:52pm,
you have bitch feet, do you paint your toenails....................joke

12/12/2004 9:58pm,
I know this question has been asked before. Lot's of people said which one they prefer, not very many gave reasons why...

12/12/2004 9:59pm,
If you are actually striking, shoes will wear out kicking shields and training partners a hell of a lot quicker than bare feet or padded feet.

12/12/2004 10:04pm,
In the summer I wear flip flops and if I was to get into a fight, I would have to do it barefoot.

and what punching dummy said.

12/12/2004 10:17pm,
I wear wrestling shoes.

12/12/2004 10:32pm,
Makes your feet tougher.

12/12/2004 10:44pm,
I usually train barefooted to condition my feet and soles; on the contrary I train for competition so I try to train the way I'm going to fight.

This new club I'm training with though, trains on a tiled floor. Which means ouch. I'm seriously considering getting some shoes.

12/12/2004 10:44pm,
Some people apparently have never fought a beach CHALLENGE MATCH!!! On the shaking ground as fissures rupture, as the hot molten life of the Earth comes rushing upwards in a cataclysmic upheavel of power.

Red Elvis
12/12/2004 10:46pm,
I wear wrestling shoes.

Wery insightful! :wave:

Poop Loops
12/13/2004 2:41am,
Shoes cost money, whereas barefoot doesn't. :p

Also, transitioning from TKD to Muay Thai is easier barefoot. If you hit a heavy bag in shoes and hit with your foot, it won't be too bad, but if you do it barefoot, you'll learn to use your shin faster.

I don't mind either, but what happens when a homeless person steals your shoes, and Phil Elmore isn't around to take him out? You gotta fight barefoot, man.


12/13/2004 3:22am,
I train both with and without shoes, depending on which art I am training in at the time and the environment I am training in. You never know...........

12/13/2004 7:12am,
I've noticed shoes in wrestling is a good idea. They prevent your toes from being mangled when someone drops on top of you in awkward positions.

12/13/2004 8:24am,
Training barefoot helps toughen your feet up for when you have to fight on lava or contend with sharks on "Th3 Str337"

Seriously though, for competitive MA's, I guess you train in what you intend to be competing in.

MT/Judo/BJJ and TKD are all barefoot as far as I know.

12/13/2004 9:40am,
i train barefoot as often as possible because i just don't like shoes. i'm that guy they have to put the signs up in stores for. And although i've never tried, i doubt there is anywhere that'll let me bring my 14 eye steel caps into the hall. I'll work my footwork with street shoes on, wrestle friends and sometimes kick a bag- what i study now is all punching anyway.

12/13/2004 11:39am,
In other news, I just got home from a barefooted training session. The club has it's lessons outdoors on a tiled surface, and my feet are ripped to shreds. Dust/grime/cracks in the tiles/gaps between the tiles will kill your soles in an instant no matter how leathery your feet are.