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Deadpan Scientist
12/10/2004 11:45pm,
Quit trying to use your membership here to give your chi writings credibility.

12/12/2004 5:12am,
Wow. A thread just for me? How sweet of you!

Look, I'm not currently giving any of my previous Ki writings credibility. You can see this by looking over at the thread about Chrono's website "Ki Sanctuary" where I explained why I wrote the article I wrote that eventually ended up on his site.

I'm using my membership to explain my current stance on the issue of Ki. That stance being that its all about mindset as oppose to the ancient belief of energy. I especially like this topic (Ki) because mindset is very important in self-defense scenarios when the adrenaline hits your system you tend to lose a lot of fine motor skills. To have a strong mindset through training in situations that get your adrenaline going (such as RMCAT) is basically what I consider "Ki Training".

I haven't really made any official writings about that yet, however.

12/12/2004 11:47am,
Why don't you just call it "mindset" and drop the magical bullshit all together.