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12/02/2004 1:29pm,
'World's Most Dangerous Man' trains with Quantico Marines

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va.(Oct. 28, 2004) -- The self-proclaimed “World’s Most Dangerous Man” visited Quantico’s Martial Arts Center for Excellence Monday and Tuesday to share his lethal brand of hand-to-hand combat with Marines here.

Ken Shamrock, master Japanese Shootfighter, former World Wrestling Federation wrestler and first titleholder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, trained with the MACE instructor cadre Monday, and led a martial arts clinic for Quantico Marines Tuesday at Ramer Hall.

Shamrock, who twice previously ran similar clinics for Marines on Okinawa, Japan, said he enjoys working with Marines, who always prove to be eager pupils.

“I enjoy teaching people who want to learn, who are hungry,” said Shamrock. “My last experience with the Marines [on Okinawa] was excellent. For them to have me come here and share my knowledge is an honor. There is so much history in the Marine Corps, [and] for me to be a part of that is cool.”

Shamrock said the grappling and submission techniques he shared with the Marines during his visit complement the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

“The style I teach goes hand-in-hand with the Marine Corps,” said Shamrock. “This is the type of stuff they need to know. It’s a solid foundation that works. It’s very quick, close hand combat.”

Shamrock said the specific techniques he is teaching to Marines are very tight, highly controlled maneuvers for hand-to-hand combat.

“(This training) increases what your body is capable of doing and will make you more confident in these types of close combat situations,” said Shamrock. “What I’m teaching is rare, how to take someone down, breaking their leg, ankle. This is stuff you won’t get a lot of from anybody else.”

The Marines who attended his clinic, many of whom are fans who follow his professional fighting career, reciprocated the admiration Shamrock expressed for the Marine Corps’ “tough guy” image.

“I think it’s great that he’s here. It gives us an opportunity to train with one of the best,” said Gunnery Sgt. Steven Collett, chief trainer at the MACE. “Everyone [here] follows him already, so they were thrilled when they found out he was coming.”

Collett also said Shamrock’s clinic builds upon skills that Marines currently learn through MCMAP.

“He’s a bucket full of knowledge,” said Collett. “He’s showing us things we normally don’t teach to Marines, new techniques based on the same principals we use right now. These are new tricks to enhance techniques our instructors use now.”

Sgt. Stephen Redmond, an instructor trainer at the MACE, noted that Shamrock’s style of fighting, like the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, increases its effectiveness by combining several martial arts disciplines.

“It’s awesome having someone of his caliber here teaching us,” said Redmond. “(Shamrock) was one of the first mixed martial arts instructors out there, one of the first to understand you have to take a bit from each discipline to have an effective fighting style.”

Redmond also said Shamrock’s style of instruction addressed not only martial arts fundamentals, but having a warrior’s state of mind as well.

“Aside from the ground fighting techniques, (Shamrock) is teaching the mindset you have to have in combat, making us more well rounded, better martial artists,” said Redmond. “His little refinements could find their way into the MCMAP program, but it’s certainly going to make us better instructors.”

For more news and information about Shamrock, other Lion’s Den fighters and upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship events, visit www.kenshamrock.com.


heh, actually found this first on a wrestling new website (http://www.wrestling-news.com/)

12/02/2004 1:59pm,
Regardless of what techniques he actually teaches, it will be a thrill for thoee devil dogs to roll with him. A good motivation tool.

Roidie McDouchebag
12/02/2004 2:15pm,
and first titleholder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship


12/02/2004 3:48pm,
Yeah, besides the major fubar about being the first UFC champion, that was a cool article.
Ken looks like a jarhead anyways :)

12/02/2004 3:57pm,
Hehe, forgot to highlight that one, but you guys DO have some reading comprehension!

Was in a bit of a rush to get to class.

Roidie McDouchebag
12/02/2004 4:00pm,
Did Shamrock write the article :D? I doubt it'd have been more effusive in its praise of him if he did, but it was still pretty cool, I am a fan of Shamrock.

12/02/2004 4:55pm,
wasnt gracie the first UFC title holder...and the second, and the fourth.

12/02/2004 7:23pm,
Lucky bastards