View Full Version : BJJ Black Belt Saves Cop

2/04/2003 2:36pm,
BJJ Black Belt 4th Degree Roberto "Maguilla" Marques Da Silva Gets The Police Chief's Award for helping a police officer in a dangerous situation.

2/04/2003 2:42pm,
Cool! I better tell KFss that atleast one bb took a break from abusing children.

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2/04/2003 3:56pm,
Actually, he didn't. If you follow the link, you'll find that in middle of his acceptance speech, he waded out into the crowd and stuck his hand down a little boy's pants. They probably would've stopped him if they weren't so amazed at his ability to run a child-pornography ring and give a speech simeltaneously.


2/04/2003 6:42pm,
Right on!
This guy is like the anti-kungfoolss, we need more feel good stories!!!

A little more info on the police incident would be nice, doesnt really too much about specifics.

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