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Judah Maccabee
11/26/2004 7:10pm,
So, in the course of your training, what have been some accidental occurrences that happened to you or that you did to someone else?

One time in my Krav class, the instructor was showing us eye gouges following a block or redirect. He usually uses me as training dummy / demo person. He tells me to step in with a stab to the stomach.

He blocks and fades the gouge just in front of my face. We do it a couple more times. Then one time, he doesn't fade enough.


My eye immediately welled shut and refused to open for at least 10 minutes while I put ice on it.

Then 15 mins later, I hopped back in and kept going with the class. But a different drill. :)

Another time, we were using a "tombstone," like a kicking shield type thing that looks like a half of a hexagon. We were practicing snap kicks to the groin, and the person holding it was gripping the sides rather than looping their hands through the handles.

After getting warmed up, I decided to start wailing on it. So I'm kicking it harder and harder, then on the 4th kick, it flies out of their hands and smacks them right in the face and knocks them over, mostly cause they were shocked by the impact.

Howzabout you?

11/26/2004 7:35pm,
Judo instructor once demonstrated a strangle on me ( Koshi Jime ).
He didn't really pull hard or anything, but he must have been right on the spot.
Next thing I remember is the whole class laughing at me, ' cause I have been out cold for a few seconds.
Including lot's of saliva and jerk-like movements...

Bizzaro Root
11/27/2004 2:23pm,
i seemed to get kicked in the head alot by the people rolling next to me.

Captain Spaulding
11/27/2004 5:25pm,
I was teaching a class in Olympic-style TKD sparring, and was explaining with one of the black belts how to use an axe kick to hit an opponent who rushes you. I did the kick slow motion one time and "hit" him in the face to show how it's done. Then we did it one time normal speed. What usually happens is that he'll stop short so the kick doesn't reach him. But this time, he ran, face first (and not slowly) into my foot and knocked himself a little silly.

11/27/2004 6:24pm,
i once nearly nocked my brother out.

we were working on a punch/kick combo ... right punch, left kick
partner was supposed to block the punch and then get his hand(with glove) to his face, for the partner to kick on.
worked good.
we added "right punch, right kick" and "left punch, left kick" and "left punch, right kick"
worked good, too.
then all together in a pre-arranged pattern. fast and hard.
well, i basically used the wrong leg once and hit him in the face pretty hard. stupid me. he got up after about 8 seconds though. so no knockout ;)

11/27/2004 6:36pm,
I had my brother hold a pair of thai pads for me once because I wanted to train my roundkick a little bit. Problem was, he held them wrong, so somehow they flew back and hit him in the face.

We were doing no-contact sparring back in the WTF TKD days, and when I shot a roundkick at the guy's face he moved towards the side of the foot I was kicking with. I bent his glasses and shook him up a bit, but it was a pretty weak kick so he was ok.

I was wrestling a guy at school, and he got mount on me. He then proceeded to neck-crank me (the one they have on subfighter as "basic neck crank from the mount"), except he did it wrong. Instead of turning my head to the side, it was still straight on, and he put the hand that was supposed to go on my forehead under my chin instead. Being a bastard, he then proceeded to crank on it with no control and no restraint whatsoever. This put some wierd pressure on my teeth/jaw, and now I have a worse underbite than I did before (I look like a bulldog when I smile).

11/27/2004 11:42pm,
Aw **** Izzy, I have an underbite too. I know how you feel.

As for accidental occurences, the one that happens the most to me is aI let one rip while rolling. One time I cut the cheese the guy I was rolling with said, "I'll tap to that."