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Judah Maccabee
11/25/2004 12:06am,

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Police said Tuesday they have arrested a woman in the abduction of an unborn baby who was cut from its mother's womb while she was unconscious.

Sol Angela Cartagena said she was with her 2-year-old daughter when she had a drink at a hospital cafeteria in Girardot, southwest of Bogota, and suddenly felt lightheaded.

"When I woke up I was in the countryside with my 2-year-old daughter beside me," the woman told RCN TV, adding that someone had performed a Caesarean section on her and taken her baby.

Carlos Cespedes, a gynecologist, confirmed that someone had removed Cartagena's baby. Apparently Cartagena had been drugged, causing her to black out before the operation. It was unclear where it was performed, but authorities said Cartagena was lucky to be alive.

"This is the strangest thing I've seen in my professional career, and I believe this patient had all the luck in the world in not dying before getting to the hospital," he said.

Police officer Gustavo Silva said the woman who allegedly stole the baby was found due to tips and that prosecutors are now handling the case. People who had seen the unidentified woman with a baby wrapped in a sheet called authorities because they knew she had not been pregnant and they did not know where the baby had come from.

The baby was dehydrated but otherwise reported in good condition.

No other details on the case were available.

Colombia has the world's highest kidnapping rate, with more than 3,000 abductions a year, but authorities said they knew of no other case here where an unborn child was abducted.

If they have like 9-10 kidnappings a day, you know they've likely seen and done it all. This is FUCKED UP. I've heard of women stealing babies out of a hospital, but out of a woman via surgical procedure?

11/25/2004 12:16am,
Yeah that's just fucked. Hope the criminals get their nuts blown off

11/25/2004 12:18am,
I have my doubts about that story... but I guess anything is possible.

11/25/2004 12:42am,

That happened in Addison a few years ago...except much less humanely.

Judah Maccabee
11/25/2004 12:45am,

I guess to spur a little more discussion:

When you guys see or hear about stories like this, does it affect your general faith in humanity as a whole? Or are you fairly unflappable about the nature of man?

11/25/2004 1:06am,
"The hearts of men are easily corrupted."

11/25/2004 3:23am,
It shows how the how low the latently low can go. I was reading DUI case law the other day. The reason they have special **** for up to 4th DUI-while-traveling-with-children conviction is because some dumbfuck has *done* that, and courts are like "What does it take to get through to this fucker?"

But most people are benign. Really, think of what your daily life would be like if anything close to majority of people tended towards criminality or psychopothy.

11/25/2004 6:13am,
When you guys see or hear about stories like this, does it affect your general faith in humanity as a whole? Or are you fairly unflappable about the nature of man?

I feel too tired. The human pool always seems to be a cesspool in general.

Though I must admit this is kind of different.

WingChun Lawyer
11/25/2004 8:40am,
I think of it this way...if a significant portion of humanity behaved this way, there would be no society. So on average we are not that bad.

11/27/2004 11:25pm,
People are alright, by and large. When I hear about stuff like this, it doesn't really surprise me anymore, but it does kind of sicken me. I guess we're really capable of anything.

11/27/2004 11:50pm,

11/28/2004 12:07am,
Wow thats very fucked up. And who the hell knows how to do a c section besides a doctor.