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11/23/2004 4:39am,
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"WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP) - A 25-year-old Canadian soldier was convicted of aggravated assault Wednesday for a fight that left a Minnesota college student comatose for two weeks.

Derick Lee Besaw, a private with the 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, bashed the victim's head into a wall after an argument over two young women, according to court testimony.

"This was a horrible crime," said Queen's Bench Justice Nathan Nurgitz. "The accused ... was involved in driving the victim's head into the wall."

Alex Ourada of Westbrook, Minn., spent two weeks in a coma following the March 2002 attack inside a downtown Winnipeg hotel. Now 21, the former high school wrestling champion still has memory gaps and slight brain damage.

Ourada, a student at Minnesota State University, went to Canada with five friends to celebrate spring break. The legal drinking age in Manitoba is 18.

The Americans met Besaw and a friend at the hotel, but the group started arguing when the Canadians showed interest in two young women traveling with Ourada, according to court testimony. Witnesses said Besaw then attacked Ourada, smashed his head into a wall and stomped his head and torso."

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