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Red Elvis
11/19/2004 11:26pm,
Avast ye blimey buckos and splice the mainbrace. Here be my review of Eric’s Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) class in Yorba Linda by Red Elvis. (A cautionary pirates tale fer’ ye scurvy progs to read). Click here fer pirate music while you read: :icon_pira Mizzanmast Melodies (http://www.thefenians.com/sounds/mp3/sailor.m3u)

Once upon a time…er, actually just last Tuesday… I went to watch the CSW class and I have to say it was just terrible! Terrible you say? Yarr, terrible because I wanted to actually try it but I’m still nursing me sprained ankle and rib injury. (Arrrr… walkin’ the plank should I be to miss a cursed opportunity such as this but me peg leg wasn’t up to the challenge and I forgot me cutless!)

Anyway, the class is situated in a TKD studio and is kind of cramped, as there was a decent amount of lads (and one lass) who showed up to train. (Aye lads, cramped like the quarters on me own living galley it were!) They started off with working some takedown drills from standing (Punching range… or hook range be you one-armed like me ye devilish swabies) and after drilling the moves repeatedly on both sides proceeded to work some minor variations. Harr, then an important lesson was told regarding stance that I won’t repeat here. (Sorry, ancient pirate secret available only to Jack of Cups or above). After working the variations these corsairs then proceeded to work from a clinch position with variations and finally more variations while striking, which involved both the clinch and closing the distance. (Much like overhauling a black spotted jack tar!) This lasted almost an entire hour at a brisk pace and there was lots of good information to be gleaned just like fresh barnacles from the bottom of me... Yarr, never mind says I! Anyway, Eric watched the class and gave instruction where it was needed and proved to be just as insightful as I remember from the seminar I took years ago.

After the first hour of takedowns the class next moved into focus mitt drills. Yarr, drills such that I have never seen before. Had I a brain behind my deadlights I would have written them down but alas I’m just a scallywag. They worked various drills including punching, kicking, knees and even the occasional sprawl for good measure. Aye, if any of you swabs have taken his seminars you’ll know what I mean by sprawl drills too for he like to work ‘em in for good measure like a true Jack Ketch! I would estimate the focus mitt drills lasted about 45 minutes or so with both sides working the feeding techniques and drilling repeatedly.

The next portion of the class began with light sparring from the knees going only for position. (For you squiffy landlubbers this means no submission, only trying to remain in a dominant position). They rotated through the ranks a few times and then began to roll for submission just like the salty seadogs of yesteryear. The entire grappling portion lasted about 40 minutes or so and was then followed by light calisthenics and finally some breathing exercises. The class had a varying degree of students all the way from landlubbers to Jack o’ Staves. All said and done it went about two and a half hours and looked pretty intense.

Me hearties, I would highly recommend this for serious training and even for those bound for the hempen halter like yers truly! Arrrrr………. And remember, dead men tell no tales! :icon_pira :icon_pira

Sink me! Pirate Vocabulary fer swabies and one eyed toads! (http://www.puzzlepirates.com/docs/vocabulary.html)

CSW can be found at:


12/03/2004 2:03am,
You shiver my timbers, Elvis

12/03/2004 3:32am,
What the hell? I don't know what to think of that.

12/03/2004 3:43am,
You are trying too hard.
Further descriptions, and actual insight into the seminar would be much more useful.

Review gets 2/5.

12/03/2004 3:54am,
Pizdoff just accused you of trying too hard, Elvis.

Otaku Waffle
12/03/2004 9:53am,
International Talk like a pirate day be on September 19th, ye sharkbait!

Me fellow crewmembers be giving me a look like I'm three sheets to the wind! They would na know sheep from shank, the scurvy landlubbers that they RRRRRR!

Red Elvis
12/03/2004 12:01pm,
Pizdoff just accused you of trying too hard, Elvis.

Yeah, he's just "Piz-doff" because he doesn't speak piratese. I even provided a pirate translator Pizz'd! My feeling are hurt. :llorar:

Just for Pizz'd:

So the other week I went to Eric’s CSW Class.
It was really cool.
It was located in a TKD studio.
They trained really hard.
Eric was very nice.
There were about 11 guys and one girl in the class.
Their level of skill varied from fresh noobs to seasoned vets.
The first hour they did takedown drills.
The next 45 minutes they did focus mitt drills.
The last 45 minutes they did grappling.
The class was 2 ½ hours long and looked very intense.
I would recommend it highly if you want to train what could be classified as a complete MMA curriculum.


Further descriptions of takedown portion:

First they worked a variety of single leg takedowns from punching range. The key points here were to keep the hands up and to not drop them as you approached, to correctly change levels for the takedown (this means also keeping your back straight), to shoot only from punching range (not kicking range!) and to penetrate fully through your opponent. The takedown isn’t just a shot and if you miss it then oh well. You will grab your opponent and run the Mother F-er into the ground if you have too not being afraid to switch it up to a double leg etc. Penetration! Yeah baby. They did about three variations of the same single leg and drilled it repeatedly.

Next he showed it from the clinch. Here the tactics are your typical push/pull trying to get your opponent to react so as to set up your takedown. A key note here would be to not just drop your hands though with back bending over and go for a takedown but to keep your back straight and again to properly change levels while defending yourself in tight against your opponent. Here the hands move down your opponent while still maintaining control. (i.e. if you are controlling your opponents shoulder in the clinch you keep control of his arm as you transition levels so that if a counter is introduced you still have control… F-en hard to describe!) Same move was drilled and again further variations were added. (Variations = if he does this then you’ll need to do this.)

After the clinch work he next showed entry techniques that are purely tactical. You get your opponent to think your going to clinch by coming in and grabbing but just as they begin to prepare for the clinch you change levels with a takedown. Tough tactic to describe actually but fairly typical if you’ve ever wrestled. This also includes the typical slap or quick snap type entries to get your opponents attention prior to shooting. This was highly stressed just as it is in wrestling. If you just shoot on your opponent it is easy to defend so the idea is to set your opponent up first and then go for the takedown. The progression then moved to a few different takedowns including duck unders from the clinch as well as an arm drag series.

After drilling those for a bit he moved to entries while punching and again did some drilling on the importance of penetration. <insert joke here> This drill basically had the opponent defend the initial shot so that you would have to switch to another takedown and to be relentless with your opponent. Note: This doesn’t mean chase the guy around bent over with your arms out like you see in this video. Untrained Grappler Vs. SuperMan (http://nychipower.com/mp4/attackproof_grapplingverseskichuando.html)
That’s not what was going on here. If you penetrated properly this means that as he sprawls or moves to evade, you don’t stop but rather keep following through switching techniques as necessary while maintaining good defense and posture. (Obviously there is a definite point when you know you have nothing so it’s back to standing). With the exception of punch and kick defense this was standard instruction in regards to takedowns that you’d find in wrestling but something that is rarely seen in BJJ etc.

Insight: Very good takedown lesson that lasted for an hour with lots of time to drill the moves. It had a pace that reminds me of my wrestling days and there was no chitchat but rather people diligently working the moves.

More to follow if people want to hear the rest....

Wounded Ronin
12/03/2004 4:01pm,
Goddamn, Elvis, I wish I were cool enough to, like, appreciate music while thinking about pirates. I'm not being sarcastic. I mean that. I have a 1 track mind and can only make 1 joke at a time.

I mean, like...a martial arts review, pirate talk, and music...all at once. THAT is awe-inspiring and hardcore.