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11/19/2004 4:03pm,
Unleashing the Warrior Archetype
of the Male Psyche
Narrated and Instructed by Sammy Franco
(Available in VHS or Enhanced DVD Edition)

Originally scheduled to be a book, Violent Virtue is being released as a full feature film taking you on a journey through the Pavlovian and Operant conditioning methodologies of street fighting conditioning.

Here, Sammy Franco pulls no punches by giving the viewer arresting observations, insights and techniques to the “dark side” of the warrior psyche. Topics include: making violence virtuous, the necessity of a warrior sub culture, pseudospeciation revisited, the critical importance of “gender” segregation in street fighting training, pavlovian and operant condition methods for combat habituation, how a "reality based" self-defense student blends in a civilized society, how killing affects a warrior, societal implications of the “warrior cult”, desensitization techniques for justifiable violence, avoiding media and Hollywood brainwashing, psychological costs of being a savage fighter, psychological requirements of a “real” warrior”, creating “emotional distance” from the adversary, establishing a “no fear” mindset, and much, much more.

This film will prove to be the most informative and controvesial "self-defense" program of our time. WARNING: VIOLENT VIRTUE is a complete “psychological desensitization and reconditioning” program. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this program! This DVD contains violent and graphic material. This program is for informational purposes only!

Available for sale Spring 2005.
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11/19/2004 4:16pm,
What does pseudospeciation mean?

I want to make violence virtuous. For too long in has been seen as violence for violence sake.

"the critical importance of “gender” segregation in street fighting training" - does this mean we beat the women first?

"how a "reality based" self-defense student blends in a civilized society" - I don't blend right now. Maybe because I painted my face blue like Braveheart.

psychological requirements of a “real” warrior” - I thought chanting "Sammy Franco is Gawd" made me a real warrior. Damn!

11/19/2004 4:41pm,
:5dunce: I particularly like the 'Pavlovian a nd operant methodologies of street fighting conditioning.'

Read: 'It hurts when you get beat on. If I beat on you again and again and again, eventually, you'll piss yourself when I snarl at you.'

Yes. Highly technical material there. Worth every penny I'm sure. :evil6:

11/19/2004 5:08pm,
Whenever I read ads like these I always picture the creator of the video or book laughing maniacally while sitting on a pile of money. But I guess if you are dumb enough to buy a video on psychological mindsets of warriors you deserve to have your money taken from you.