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Omen Stone
2/01/2003 11:08pm,
OMG I can't believe people fall for this. I am not sure its about ma but it did do alot about attacks and stuff.

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2/01/2003 11:11pm,
I like the snake bite stuff. I just wish these guys would enter tournaments.

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2/01/2003 11:20pm,

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Raging Bull
2/01/2003 11:32pm,
I hate to be negative, but I wouldn't trust these folks as far as I could throw them.

2/01/2003 11:35pm,
I never knew pointing and screaming at your opponent could be so effective.

Deadpan Scientist
2/01/2003 11:39pm,
You'd be surprised how often "Is that royce?!" works while sparring

deus ex machina
2/01/2003 11:46pm,
Too bad this topic is old. Get a new one you n00bs.


2/01/2003 11:59pm,

"said and done"

BJJ Grappler
2/02/2003 8:44am,
"Is that Royce?!", hmm... I'll try that sometime.

2/02/2003 10:36am,
Where I train, most of the time we'll roll with our mouthpieces in. So if I tried to say, "Is that Royce?", it would come out something mumbled that sounds like "Not in the face", and I'd probably be called a *****.

Guess that's only a BJJ thing.

2/02/2003 2:02pm,
LOL, be careful Phrost, I might have to destroy you with my ki. That is if I can un-lock it =).

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jing shen gou
2/02/2003 10:27pm,
these guys again!?!? I thought we decided that they were a bull **** Mcdojo.

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2/03/2003 2:33am,
Yeah thats an OLD topic but LOL it's always funny to look LOLOLOL.