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11/09/2004 1:07pm,
This is, well, wow!

11/09/2004 1:11pm,
Interesting story. Here's the link to the exact one, so we don't lose it when the frontpage of the news site changes:


11/09/2004 1:31pm,
Wow, that is a whole lot of speculation.

11/09/2004 1:36pm,
If Aikido can allow you to make someone stab himself 18 times, why couldn't you make him drop the fucking knife instead? I think VA jurors are going to have a really hard time swallowing this one, since the average person is borderline retarded anyway.

11/09/2004 2:06pm,
I give you defense exhibit B. The Steven Seagal movie, Out for Justice. Note the number of wounds the bad guy recieves, thus proving aikido can cause you to murder someone in true serial killer fashion. All purely in self defense.

Mr. Mantis
11/09/2004 2:48pm,
What a costly, poorly constructed defense. :tard:

11/09/2004 2:57pm,
Clearly practicing aikido and carrying a large knife makes you deadly to the untrained.

M.C. Busman
11/09/2004 2:58pm,
The "stabbed himself" theory doesn't do much to explain away clustered stab wounds.

~~M.C. Busman

Beatdown Richie
11/09/2004 3:21pm,
I can imagine it... "Now that I've stabbed him and he's lost a pint of blood, all those other aikido techniques seem to work much better. Let's see if I can do a sankyo too... [stab] yeah, that was fun, again... [stab] cool... [stab]"

El Tejon
11/09/2004 3:59pm,
Move over Twinkie Defense! We now have the Aikido Defense! "If the arm does not bend, you must acquit!"

If Aikido is your first line of defense, you better go find another, quickly. :qright6:

Mr. Mantis
11/09/2004 4:04pm,
He would be better off using the "soddi" defense.

El Tejon
11/09/2004 4:10pm,
SODDI=>"Some other dude did it"
TODDI=>"That other dude did it"

Mr. Mantis, you talk the talk, do you walk the walk? Are you a tilecrawler as well?

11/09/2004 4:11pm,
Wouldn't a fair better defense be "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, my client practices Aikido and therefore couldn't hurt anyone. He's harmless. Look at him, chanting over there and rubbing a crystal on his chakras. Shh, don't frighten him."

Mr. Mantis
11/09/2004 4:12pm,
You know it my slimy collegue.

Chushin Ryoku
11/09/2004 4:12pm,
Ha!! That guy would have to be an aikido master to pull off anything even remotely close to that.....and, as was already said, if he was so good why didn't he make him drop the damn knife in the first place and content himself with throwing that guys ass through the pavement. What a lame explanation. The most aggravating thing is the other aikidoka trying to explain that as though it could have happened that way....does no justice to the art.....

11/09/2004 5:20pm,
Well he did study a whole summer.