View Full Version : Martial "Art" (I don't what inspired me to do this...)

Jaguar Wong
11/07/2004 5:16pm,
Hey guys, I just thought I'd share something I just did recently. It's MMA related, so I figured I could post it here for some thoughts. Anyway, I know the "technique" isn't perfect (he's not using the figure four grip, nor is he securing his opponent's hips), but I had to make some sacrifices for the homage.

Urutora Kimura!! (http://www.brian-manning.com/images/sketchbook/urutoraKimura.jpg)

I'm thinking of making this a t-shirt design (selling it through Superaction.com (http://www.superaction.com) ). It's loosely based on Ultraman Tiga (the body design is very differrent, but the head is pretty close to the original). I figure there are so many variations of Ultraman, I could get away with my own translation.

I still have to ink it and/or color it, though. I'm so lazy/busy that I'm lucky I got it this far (the idea has been in my head for a couple of weeks now, but I finally had a few hours to sit down and get it on paper). I'm open to any comments, critiques, or suggestions as well.

11/07/2004 6:19pm,
Hey, pretty cool! Althought, to be honest, I prefer your Mesozoic land mutants, or shifter. Good luck!

11/07/2004 6:31pm,
I would love it if it didn't have ultraman.
but otherwise great job.

Traditional Tom
11/07/2004 9:53pm,
It looks like some sort of weird aquatic power ranger

11/07/2004 11:01pm,
That's awesome. Make sure to post the inked and colored version when it's finished.

Jaguar Wong
11/08/2004 12:32am,
I like the Shifter one as well, but my current favorite is Garrote. I'm pretty weak with brush inking, so I was happy with the way it turned out.

Nightstrike and Tom,
You guys are Ultra haters, so I'm not listening *covers ears*. j/k :p

I'll post it if I ever finish it. :o

Thanks for taking a peek, guys.

11/08/2004 3:20am,
That's pretty fucking cool, I like it.