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11/07/2004 10:28am,

My plan of going back for good has ended, probably in a definitive manner, last week when rumors had the war starting again and me NOT wanting to live through another one.

However, it's pretty neat to see France showing its ugly face. Unlike what image of itself it has been trying to push in the last few years, it is a "western" country, and it shows.

I don't approve the attack on the french base, even if it's very probably been a mistake - and in the past, similar mistakes of western countries where just delt with a "sorry" and a pat on the back of both sides, like the british tank - but what is really coming out is that France is very happy to keep a separated country, with the government on the south and the rebels on the north, as long as the white-infested city of Abidjan (where all the firms are basically french) is in the democratic side. God forbid the Ivorian people for wanting to unite their country.

11/07/2004 10:33am,
Kiozz, what do you have to do with the Ivory Replubic?

11/07/2004 10:45am,
Mother and childhood. Wife and son.
I still consider myself more european than African, but changing daily.

11/07/2004 10:46am,
Damn. With all that is happening it might be a good idea to just stay the hell away, unless your family is still there.

11/07/2004 11:01am,
Mr, I was already there since around this summer, just flew back about 10 days ago, when rumors started to spread. I was there in 2002 and as I said DON'T want to live through another war, if I can help it.
Still I don't know why 2 years have passed and the country is still divided in 2, with france preserving "peace" in the middle.

11/07/2004 11:05am,
Because it is cheaper for France to do it that way.

11/11/2004 9:03am,

France showing its true face: PART 2.

11/11/2004 11:39am,
Happy of the outcome, outraged by the comments (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/3995429.stm)

this is exactly the kind of **** that has awakened me into my current state of anger.

I'm glad this person and his family made it out alive and well and in no way justify the attack to his family and the other mob activities currently going on, still...

"They have burnt down the four schools that we could send our children to, so it is game over as far as we're concerned."

Only some schools in the rich (white?) area of Cocody where burned down as far as I know. There are many more schools in Abidjan. he could try check Yopougon for example. Or is it too "pigmentated" for his kids?

"It is not an easy decision because I was born in this country, my wife was born in this country, my two children were born in this country, my father is buried in this country and to be treated like that and to be denied any sort of citizenship just because of race is absolutely unacceptable."

except when his father, him and his wife where born, the IC was a French colony. they where the bosses. now it's, or better should be, changed.
As a matter of fact, I find it ironic how he somewhat thinks of being an "Ivorian citizen" in the last comment whilst just on the sentence above moans about not being able to send his kids to school since all french liceums have been burned, when black Ivorian schools are still running.

11/15/2004 3:01am,

No commets, just an upgrade.

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Thats Funny! :toothy4: