View Full Version : A Quick Tip for Hanging Sticks

Sharp Phil
1/28/2003 8:44pm,
Anyone who's become enamored of stickfighting will amass a small arsenal of sticks in no time at all. I don't know about you, but I find one of the most aggravating things about rattan sticks (and other flexible sticks prone to warping) is that it's almost impossible to keep them out of your way and unwarped.

Here's a quick tip: Find yourself some pushpins and some light shoelaces. Cut the shoelaces in half. Two shoelaces, for example, will produce four lengths of useful light cord.

Tie a knot around your pinky and then slip your finger out of the loop, leaving a knotted but open loop on the end of the lace. Repeat at the other end of the length. Then slip one looped end through the other looped end. What you've got when you're done is small lasso.

The loop on the free end goes around a pushpin stuck in the drywall of any suitable wall space (inside closets is good and doesn't look visually unappealing). The lasso end goes around the end of each of your sticks. Pull it taut and you'll find most sticks will hang against the resistance of the lace.

Congratulations -- you've take a stick and hung it from the wall without making any modifications to the stick itself. For best results, rotate it once in a while so it won't warp against the wall.