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10/31/2004 4:24pm,
Whats the deal with appetite suppressants? are they safe and effective?

10/31/2004 4:27pm,
Why would you want to take them? They, by definition, supress a core survival mechanism.

Deadpan Scientist
10/31/2004 4:29pm,

10/31/2004 7:21pm,
when it comes to food, I dont have any!!!

Can Chaser
10/31/2004 7:32pm,
So, you have a couple choices. Continue being a porker; Cowboy up and get some willpower, or **** yourself up with appetite suppressants. In general, when you're training a lot, it's easier to not eat/not eat as much.

As for the actual subject of the thread, see Shuma's post.

Nucking futs, whatever happenned to working hard and sweating blood to get what you want. It means a lot more that way.

10/31/2004 8:18pm,
I read the side of one of those 64 oz. mugs with water facts all over it, and one thing that stuck out was that it said that most people confused dehydration with hunger, and that most dieters drink water to help stop cravings. I've taken up a habit of drinking water whenever I start having a craving to eat but don't think I really should eat anything. It's worked pretty well.

11/01/2004 6:24am,
I would guess that that goes into two catagories.

I personaly am taking ephedra

But I would advise you just eat less and workout more to loose weight.No drugs or pills needed to do that.But muscle gain is another story.

11/01/2004 5:32pm,
Heroin is bad for you.

Deadpan Scientist
11/01/2004 9:41pm,
Perhaps a PM to one of the medically inclined people on the board could be helpful.

Jen or gajuscaesar

11/01/2004 9:45pm,
Does gajuscaesar even post anymore?

Deadpan Scientist
11/01/2004 10:08pm,
If you PM him, he will come.