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10/31/2004 2:25am,
I've had all manner of people touch me, complimenting me on the how nice the fabric is. No ****, it's because it is silk. My costume that is...

Chilled outside for over an hour with one of the guys who bounces on this board outside the club.
Just talked about MA and weight training, school and his job.
Had some stoned drunk guy threaten to kill me in 17 seconds. One other guy laughed hard nearby, but I'm sure his skinny ass could probably kill me in 16 seconds if he tried really hard. He eventually buggered off and that was the end of the story.

Had one guy I see around and talk to, come to me and read 'Bullshido' on my Bullshido Canada hoodie and laugh. It IS a funny word after all, I explained some of the concepts and directed him to this site.

Edit: Yes I'm aware Halloween night thing hasn't passed yet, but I'll be watching Pride 28 anyways

10/31/2004 2:53am,
Well, I'm just drunk now, and I have the faintest recollection of telling some hot girls about the exegenesis in the Coran, the Torah, and the Bible, plus some Gilgamesh and Enuma Elish thrown about (I work as a part time Mathematician/Part time Exegenisis expert), so I think it was cool (two of the girls had what Gil would call "ample bossoms")

10/31/2004 3:05am,
Excellent, so you attract women by going into deep technical lecture they likely have little idea about? :D

Well I number closed a target at the club tonight, damn friends cockblocking, as well as other targets unsufcessful. Too bad I think I have her number down correctly, but forgot the name. :D

10/31/2004 3:08am,
I was playing Rome:Total War and it rocks~~~!!!

10/31/2004 3:09am,
college made it ****

10/31/2004 3:14am,
Excellent, so you attract women by going into deep technical lecture they likely have little idea about? :D

Dude, intelligent women, who like to think about who we are, take all my bullshit on "this guy is really deep" level.
It's the best kinda level there is.
You can be old (I'm 27)
You can be ugly (I am)
You can be technical (I am)

But you can get away being a mystic guy. I mean, I teach Tantric Sex Techniques to 17-19 year old horny girls...

Deadpan Scientist
10/31/2004 11:42am,
Not so bad, thanks for asking.

10/31/2004 11:50am,
It must be pretty sick so far, since I'd basically got two threads devoted to it. I had my rank test Friday and went to "Martial Arts Day" at a local theme park yesterday. Today I'm watching Pride and passing out candy. I guess it's been more of a martial arts weekend than Halloween weekend, but that's ok with me.

10/31/2004 1:33pm,
It'll be a Haloween MA weekend if Tigerfly comes to your house, without HEAVY makeup, or, better yet, a bag over her head.

Traditional Tom
10/31/2004 2:01pm,
I plan on going out *gasp* in my Gi.
Luckily so many kids are lazy nowadays that I plan on making quite a haul with the candy tonight. I just have to watch out for the razor blades.

10/31/2004 2:26pm,
how was it? you mussbe fromda fewcha.
mine's today.
lechaknow tamarra.


10/31/2004 6:20pm,
I dressed up as John Stamos and wandered around my friends' house talking to everybody like I always do when drunk. Unfortunately I gave up a sure thing with a mediocre girl only to fail with a hot girl, but hey, sometimes you have to gamble.

The theing that really sucked though was the fact that my friend got jumped by two guys he had never met before and I wasn't around to help him out. He got his nose broken. I was about to go out and try to find the guys who did it when two of his roomates stopped me. Apprently they had already gone out looking for the guys only to discover that they had about 30 friends with them. Not sure what exactly ended up happening to the kids who attacked him, but somebody called the cops so hopefully some justice was done.

Can Chaser
10/31/2004 7:10pm,
Showed rail classes with one of the horses I train yesterday, and kicked ass as I usually do, and he did amazingly well for his age and the level he's at. Came home yesterday evening to trade horses and took my eventing horse back for jumping, today. It was a h/j show, so we massly kicked ass. We did veterans and kicked ass - he coulda flown over those is his sleep, nothing compared to a training --> intermediate cross country course or stadium round. Bwahahahaha. SUCKERS!


I'm'a doing something tonight with some friends ... not sure what, where, or whose, but it's supposed to be a good time and I don't have to drive. Dressing up as a cowgirl, naturally. No, I won't post pics, you bums.

10/31/2004 7:15pm,
Sambuca and everclear jello shots ruined my night, a little anyways...

I love Halloween.

Transcendent Sunchips
10/31/2004 9:20pm,
Was a candy giving sucker.

Ah well, 4 kids cried when I answered the door with my old Freddy Krueger mask. Plus we were the house that gave away shitty generic cheetos and apples.

I love ruining halloween for children.

Can Chaser
10/31/2004 9:59pm,
The party I went to officially sucked. I didn't even stay a half an hour, everybody was hammered, and getting high, and it was just generally lame. So, now I'm at home, on halloween, with my computer in my lap, feeling like a loser.

At least I look good, though. :5bullwhip

Note to self: The nature of a party tends to be more predictable when you've at least met whoever's putting it on.