View Full Version : If someone insults soneone in your family how do you react?

10/27/2004 10:53pm,
Lets say your going somwhere to buy something and the people that work in the store are rude to sonmeone in your family while they are shopping while you are with them and they are disres[pecting you and your family. Do you ignore them and convince the person you are with to leave?s Or do you sucker punch them and talk **** to them and get away quickly with your family member? And what if you try to ignore them but the person you are with feels really hurt and disrespected? And as you are about to go into your car they laugh at you?

10/27/2004 11:05pm,
or it could be someone not in your family but you are close to them. Like a friend or girlfriend for instance.

ANd lets say they didn't deliberetly insult them or say something bad to them but they disrespected them or both you and them by their actions. Like in a restaurant they rushed you and threw a napkin at you or them instead of putting it by your side. Or in the store they ignored you while talking to their friend or gave you items without a cover. or other subtle things.