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10/26/2004 2:41pm,
So, as some of you know, we are trying to get together a time frame that will allow the Toronto area bullshidoka to "rock n roll".

At Ironmungs "place", the ideal time seems to be Friday - Late afternoon / early evening.

Thoughts ?
Alternatives ?
Recipes for baked Alaska ?

10/26/2004 2:45pm,
Saturdays are still an option, but we would have "the room", like last time...

10/26/2004 3:06pm,
As much as I enjoy ukemi on linoleum and invariably sprawling knees-first into the gaps in our makeshift mats, the padded room is much nicer.

If we can get dates set up one or two weeks ahead of time I can ask around my school if people are interested. The problem is that many of them spend Fridays in the 8PM BJJ class.

10/26/2004 3:15pm,
I can do the Fri evening. And yes, I'd prefer the padded room, I'd like to MMA spar more and get pointers concerning that...

And those no-gi throws. :)

10/26/2004 3:15pm,
I am sure we can find more mats to make the grappling area bigger...
And as for the mats seperating, we just need to control our chi and not let it go all crazy.

10/26/2004 9:39pm,
Choose the night/day, I'll work around it.

10/26/2004 10:44pm,
This is great. Now, I have to train on Friday evenings, so I'd be a little less than consistent if that were the case, but would be up for the early afternoon or Saturday thing. As far as "the room" is concerned, if we're stuck there, then I think that we could probably take up a collection for those jigsaw mats or something like that.

10/26/2004 11:49pm,
Choose the night/day, I'll work around it.

Why is this line hilarious? I thought you're taking time off anyways.

Traditional Tom
10/27/2004 6:27am,
I'll be down there sometime guys, just you wait.

10/27/2004 7:16am,
So...it seems that Friday workout is ok, as is tha Saturday one in the "hard ass floor but with an option to have some padding" room, correct?

10/27/2004 8:35am,
They finish at 5pm on saturday right? Or are people not willing to train on saturday night?

I have a tutorial until 4.30 on fridays so I probably wont be making it.

10/27/2004 8:48am,
Well, Iron mung works early Saturday I think...
As for Friday, I think that most people would show up after 5:30, what with work and all....

Transcendent Sunchips
10/27/2004 6:00pm,
I'm not too picky on these things. As long as Iron Mung shows up on time, it's fine. Wait a sec, I shouldn't say anything 'cause I was late on the last Throwdown too.

10/31/2004 12:29am,
No broken bones, just strains and soft-tissue damage. I'm going to go back to MT tomorrow. I may not be 100% for any of this, but do you REALLY think I'm NOT going to train?!?!

And after watching you guys in those clips, I realized I could RULE you all (except Ronin)...*evil grin*

Ok...maybe not, but I'd love to come play.

RM, you gonna be around? I wanted to talk to you in person...

10/31/2004 2:32am,
And you're how much bigger than the rest of us? Save for SubTerran, I'm like the second biggest after you. In TO that is, of all the wankers I've met.

10/31/2004 2:42am,
..... what a bunch of faggots.