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Wounded Ronin
10/21/2004 10:54am,

LONDON - Britain’s royal “wild child” Prince Harry scuffled with photographers outside a London nightclub on Thursday in scenes reminiscent of the media scrums that used to engulf his late mother Princess Diana.

Harry was hit on the nose and a photographer’s lip was cut in the early-morning fracas, according to royal aides, who have worked hard to clean up Harry’s fast-living image.

Diana, who died in 1997, was regularly hounded by photographers and died in a Paris underpass after her chauffeur-driven car crashed as it sped away from motorbike-borne paparazzi.

Thursday’s fracas broke out, the aides said, after Harry, the younger son of heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and Diana, tried to push a camera away.

Pictures aired on British television showed the 20-year-old, red-haired prince scuffling with a group of photographers after partying at Pangaea nightclub in Piccadilly, central London.

In London’s Evening Standard newspaper, photographer Chris Uncle said Harry had been getting in his car when he “deliberately lashed out.”

“Suddenly he burst out of the car and lunged towards me. He was saying 'why don’t you just leave me alone'" Uncle said.

Another photographer supported Uncle’s version of events.

“He (Harry) just went for him for no apparent reason. He was at least a meter away from him,” Charlie Pyecraft told Sky TV.

A police source said charges were unlikely.

The incident has raised questions about security around the third in line to the throne.

“It would have been a good idea to have corralled Harry with two operatives -- for his own protection and to stop him doing anything,” Brendan Hyland of Total Close Protection said.

Playboy Prince
Although the media largely left Harry and his elder brother William alone after Diana’s death, he has lately attracted unwanted attention after admitting smoking cannabis and under-age drinking.

Earlier this month, one of Harry’s former teachers at elite Eton College said she helped prepare material that her royal pupil submitted as his own work for an art exam.

Eton and the prince denied he cheated.

In a bid to shake-off his playboy image, a documentary of the prince working with AIDS victims in the southern African kingdom of Lesotho was shown on UK television in September.

In the program Harry, set to join the army, said he wanted to carry on the charity work closely identified with his mother.

While Harry’s antics have attracted criticism, there are many who are sympathetic, conscious he was just 12 when his mother died and that he has since endured countless revelations about her private life.

Robert Lacey, royal commentator and biographer, believes Harry has had a tough time.

“It would be extraordinary if at the age of 20, he didn’t sow some wild oats, indulge in indiscretions,” he told Reuters.

“In the eyes of both princes, it was paparazzi who chased their mother into the tunnel in which she died. If he feels anger with paparazzi, you can understand his feelings.”

He should have crosstrained muay thai and judo.

10/21/2004 11:03am,
But he was such a cute little boy


10/21/2004 5:40pm,
He's joining the fucking army. He's going to be taught to kill with his bare hands in a few months time. People are worried that he got in a fight?

10/25/2004 12:35pm,
that's funny how the article doesen't mention about the driver being drunk out of his mind during the accident that killed her.

10/25/2004 3:27pm,
he's going to be taught to kill with his bare hands? man, i wanna join that army.

10/25/2004 3:40pm,
that's funny how the article doesen't mention about the driver being drunk out of his mind during the accident that killed her.

Thats debateable.

10/26/2004 9:56am,
"He's going to be taught to kill with his bare hands in a few months time."

he gonna be the D34dly!

10/26/2004 10:04am,
Our third in line for the thrown had cheat to get the qualifications to get into the army.
Cromwell had the right idea we should kill them all before they die out from imbreading anyway.

10/26/2004 10:16am,
I'm fine with the royal family from a military viewpoint. Charlie did his time in the Marines, Andrew was actually in the Falklands. We wont mention Edward dropping out to be a luvvie.

I think the royal womenfolk should join the forces as well. Princess Michael of Kent needed a damned good slapping when she was younger.