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10/20/2004 9:19am,

Ok, I have been meaning to post about this series sooner, so here goes:

That Babe Kristen aside, this series rocks !!!!!
The special effects are excellent.
Casting was perfect.
The story lines ( except for the OD of kryptonite) are well thought out and executed.
This series is my guilty pleasure.

The first episode of this season, were Clark Kent returns as Kal-El and flies ! Sent goosebumbs up my spine !!!

Yet... the science of Superman is flawed !!!
Yes, kryptonite may make him weak, BUT is doesn’t change the molecular density of his skin/muscles/bones, so when someone hits them, their bones should shatter like glass !!

Still, this series is a prime example of why a NEW Superman movie must be filmed !!!!!!


Deadpan Scientist
10/20/2004 9:27am,
Superman is one of my favorite comic book characters, and I must have wated those first 3 movies a million times. However, I think making something like Superman 4 must be avoided at all costs.

RE: molecular density

Superman's bones are(yeah I know..) ultra dense already, so it's possible that they are significantly weakened, but not to a level where they are the same density as glass.

10/20/2004 9:34am,
I meant that the bones of those hitting superman, would shatter like glass, not Superman's bones.
I don't see "radiation poisoning" changing bone density.

Yesterdays was dedicated to Christopher Reeves.

The flying scene in this season first episode was truly excellent, albiet, copied from the matrix series...

With the special effects they have now, a new Superman movie would be a thing of true beauty.

10/20/2004 9:38am,

I only watched about 2 episodes of the series, but a new film would be pretty good.

10/20/2004 9:45am,
You have a point, a very valid one, look at the "day after tomorrow" and "Van Helsing", movies that were made for special effects and not the other way around.

But, I hope that, with a character as well know and loved as Superman, they wouldn't ass rape it that bad.

Superman is THE hero, all powerful ( well close enough anyways) and all responsible.
This series is great in showing how he awesome power is kept in check and why he serves rather than rules, not to mention the Lex Luther character development is wonderful to watch.

10/20/2004 9:51am,
Lex is my absolute favorite part of the show watching him slowly fall has been amazing.

10/20/2004 9:56am,
That episode where Lex insinuates that the hero of the indian legend is NOT the "good guy" but the "bad guy", because the badguy is the one the keeps the good guy from using his powers to rule, was VERY well thought out...

WingChun Lawyer
10/20/2004 9:56am,
Umberto Eco made a wonderful criticism of Super Man, I´ll try to find it somewhere.

Personally, I prefer Batman and Spider Man.

10/20/2004 10:08am,
While my fav is Batman, Superman is unique.
The one good point in the WHOLE Kill Bill series was, David Carradine's chat about the Superman/Clark Kent alter ego.

WingChun Lawyer
10/20/2004 10:14am,
Come on, the Pei Mei part was incredibly fun as well! The way the old bastard trashed her no matter what she did...

10/20/2004 10:18am,
Ok, I'll give you that, though if he had actually done some "white eyebrow", I would have been much happier.

WingChun Lawyer
10/20/2004 10:23am,
Well, the character was an obvious Pak Mei rip off. But I also like the part when Bill tells her about the origin of the heart exploding technique...and the fight in the japanese nightclub in volume I was cool as well.

A Bruce Lee rip off, of course.

10/20/2004 10:33am,
Back on topic please...

Transcendent Sunchips
10/21/2004 8:08am,
Yeah, that monologue about Superman donning a mask to blend in with society rather than hiding from society was a great social observation.

I've heard rumours that they're going to introduce the Flash on Smallville, then give him a spinoff series. I've also heard that a young Bruce Wayne will be visiting Smallville. These are just stuff I've heard.

10/21/2004 8:15am,
That would be cool, considering the issues that Superman and Batman have with each other...

I don't think the series can go on for too long, this being the senior year in high school and all.

I don't know who they are thing of getting to play Superman in the movie, rumous have been flying arounf forever, but, if Tom looked older and more mature, he would be on my list...

Still, I am very anxious to see this new story line thet are forming, the whole "crusade" thing and finding those artifacts that are suppose to lead to this library of knowledge... can you say "fortress of solitude" ?

10/21/2004 10:21am,
OK, I am a huge comic fan and I am the only person that doesn't care for the show.
I'll watch anything comic related no matter how crappy but I just can't force myself to watch this week after week. If it were a 2 hour movie, I may have enjoyed it but week after week, no thanks.
I love superman and know way to much about the characters. All of the stuff that they changed to make it a "HIP WB SHOW FOR THE COOL TEEN" rubs me the wrong way.

1. Clark - I like the actor, but WTF is with all the Native American superhero bullshit. Kryptonians were indian gods and BLAH BLAH BLAH I watch the series until they start all the indian cave bullshit.
2. Lex - Ok, does anyone think it was way creepy that they made a tv show were a billionaire post college age bald guy was hanging out with high school freshman boys and girls. CREEPY!!!! Before anyone says that they're seniors, when the series started they were freshman. "Hey Cloe and Lana, do you wanna come over to my mansion, I could show you underage girls a real good time." Again, I really like the actor. In fact he is from here and I know many people who went to highschool with him. Again, My knowledge of the character makes it hard for me to enjoy the show. Lex in my mind should always be the older rich evil billionaire that OWNS Metropolis and doesn't know about superman until he start screwing around in his city.
3. Johnathan and Martha - The only change here was making them younger, not a big deal. Although I have to admit that I thought the parents on Lois & Clark were perfect for the part.
4. LANA - this is were everyone is going to jump all over me and call me a queer. I don't get her. I know that everyone thinks that she is the most important part of the show but she is the main reason that I don't watch the show. I hope to god that the actress has more personality in real life. 1 year of her "Woe is me" melodrama was too much for me. Everytime she slowly walks into the room with her 'i could cry a any moment' look and start playing the schmoopy slow lovey dovey music, I just want to crawl into the tv set and smack her. Man, She grinds on my nerves. Lana was a small town FARM GIRL. Not a big city, magazine cover, fashion model with perfect 'photo shoot' make-up and a snooty I'm better than this hayseed town attitude. Have any of you known a High School Junior that owned and operated her own top quality coffee shop? Did Lex really teach her enough martial arts in one hour for her to disable an offensive lineman? Man-o-man, she must be the perfect woman. GOD I HATE HER, WORST PART OF THE SHOW.
5. Smallville - a SMALL farming community in the middle of kansas, NOT A SUBURB OF METROPOLIS. lame. High school look pretty huge and very multi-racial for a SMALL farming community in kansas. Small should have about a 1000 people in it. There is no chance in hell that Lex Luthor would live there. Thanks to the storyline of bizarre Kryptonite poisoning effecting everything in town. Everyone in smallville belongs on the X-file. I'm still waiting for
Scully's guest appearance.
6. Metropolis - HUGE eastern coastal city (New York City?). How in the hell can they see the lights of Metropolis from Kansas? WTF!
7. Cloe - The best part of the show. Back when they were playing up the Cloe loves Clark but Clark loves Lana storyline, I just wanted to yell "What is wrong with you?!!" Let'e see, on one hand you have a fun, spunky, intelligent, pleasant girl with a big beautiful smile and an ass that made you want to whip it with a car antenna (OK, that last part was just me) that what's to be with you. On the other hand you have a "woe is me", high maintenance princess with too much baggage and robotic boring personality. I don't care what she looks like, if these were my choices, there would be know contest.

I like the show at first and it probably is a good show for people who don't have preconceived notions about what it should be like. It is just hard for me to watch.

I have the same problem with all the comic movies but they are only 2 hours long and I can look past this kind of stuff for one movie. It is just hard to ignore it for 1 hour a week for 4 years.

I guess I'm done ranting so I'll go back to work now