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Matt Stone
10/19/2004 7:18pm,
So far we've done 3 successful throwdowns here in Tacoma, WA. I'd like to propose a 4th.

This goes out to all the folks in WA state, OR, and even our Canuck friends and neighbors to the North.

I was thinking some time around the first week of December...


:blob8: (just because I think this one is cool...)

Feel free to email me at [email protected] I already have a location, the floors are padded (there are no actual mats) and there is plenty of room. Not the same location as the previous three, but close.

10/20/2004 2:30am,
if i can make it ... im game ...

Can Chaser
10/21/2004 12:41pm,
Sounds like a winner. I haven't even started anything yet, but ... why not.

I can bring a video camera and be the official taper, if nothing else. :icon_razz

Matt Stone
10/21/2004 7:01pm,
This is unsettling...

Three days and only Nasty and Can have ponied up to participate, and Nasty has a 3 hour drive to make it down here...

I wonder if the Portland and Seattle folks are up for a throwdown again...?

There's JKDChick, Speed Bump, and a host of others who are in the (relatively) local area... Any takers? I've got about 10 students who are up for it, as well as the students of our host school (who I think I could convince to show up). Might be a good event...

10/21/2004 7:59pm,
Just out curiosity, how far away from Seattle are ya?
Isn't 1. J-kid in your area? 2. Dibble or something as well with the knives?

Can Chaser - How far away from him are as well?

Distance and time to travel, out of curiosity.

Matt Stone
10/21/2004 9:28pm,
I am stationed at Fort Lewis, which is about 10 exits and 10 - 15 minutes south of Tacoma proper, which is in turn around 25 exits and 20 - 30 minutes south of south Seattle (around the stadium and Chinatown area, which is about as far into Seattle as I normally go...).

The school we will be holding this event in is located off exit 129 on I-5. I don't have a date yet, I'm just trying to poll for interest. Doesn't appear to be a lot...

Matt Stone
10/21/2004 10:02pm,
Just out curiosity, how far away from Seattle are ya?
Isn't 1. J-kid in your area? 2. Dibble or something as well with the knives?

J-kid, Dibble, Gajus Caesar, Yuna (haven't heard from either one of them in a looooong time) and Speed Bump are all from this general area. JKDChick, Anthony, Nasty Totoro, and a few others are in the Victoria, B.C. area. There are a bunch of folks down in Portland, OR as well...

Lots of Bullshido members in the PacNW. The OR folks just had a throwdown not that long ago, and Portland is a good drive away. So is Victoria/Vancouver. Trying to get MA folks in the Tacoma area to play together is almost impossible thanks to the provincial attitude that seems to prevail around here...

Whatever. I'll check this thread periodically, but if nothing materializes by the end of the weekend, I'm not going to worry about it anymore. We did three throwdowns up here previously, and after the last one there were some hard feelings between some of the folks that attended. I'm not sure if that is the cause of the silence regarding a fourth throwdown... I hope not, but if so then that is just the way things go I guess. There were folks whose attitudes I didn't care for, but I'm more concerned with training and learning than I am with holding grudges.

Whatever. No worries. Anybody, anytime, is welcome to visit and train with us. We do Yiliquan, and our training focuses on that, but if someone wants to come in and "share," then we're happy to work cooperatively with them... Brian King from the Bear Creek Systema Study Group comes down to visit now and again, and we have a great relationship with him. I plan on heading up next month to train with them now and again (I like Systema's drills... I will never leave Yiliquan, but some of the Systema drills work surprisingly well with our techniques as well). The school we train out of is interested in having what amount to mini-instructional Throwdowns where their students and our students get together, share information and techniques, and make them work. For me, that's what it's all about (not just a sparring-fest to demonstrate personal skill, though that's fine too).

Can Chaser
10/22/2004 1:25am,
Bummer dude. I could mass-pm the folks you already know are from around here .. O:-)

For me, Seattle is probably around an hour-hour and a half, driving. However, I can make Bremerton in about half an hour, and take the ferry across. 20-ish minutes, I think, and then bike to wherever it is. Not sure 'bout that, though. Oh, yeah, or I could drive onto the ferry and then drive to wherever exactly it is.

Throwdown as a forum for sharing our knowledge and such with n00bs like me sound a whole lot better than sparring fests in which the n00bs like me get to be everybody's bitch for them to show off the fact that they can submit a greenhorn.

Good times. :-D

Matt Stone
10/22/2004 1:42am,
I look at it this way...

I no longer have anything to prove to anyone. I'm very secure in what I do, and secure in the knowledge that, after having tested what I know against my own people and people from other schools and styles, I can take care of myself... I may not make Jet Li green with envy at my "mad skillz," but I'm pretty sure I won't go home in a bag or a box.

If I went to a Throwdown where the main focus was only sparring, sure, I might participate. My only real excuse for not doing so is 1) my wife would make me sleep on the couch and cook my own dinners (the latter of which is the real punishment), and 2) Uncle Sam frowns on us older folks getting banged up outside of Army training; it's okay for him to knock us around, but we need to be ready for work not hobbling around because our hobbies got us hurt (again).

So my main interest is in seeing how other folks do things, to get a different perspective on what I already know, to see things "through another set of eyes." Others just like to smack each other around. To each their own. Personally, I don't see why we can't accomodate everyone, but some folks have to do the teaching and the rest have to sublimate their egos so they can do the learning. That doesn't always happen.

Full cups, empty cups. 'Nuff said.

10/22/2004 1:42am,
I'm over in Portland, but without a car.

If I can somehow score a ride, I'm game.

10/22/2004 1:51am,
Well for me it has always been about learning and not of ego at a McThrowdown.
That guy I roughed up today in sparring, his msn name is "m***: Learned valuable MA stuff today..thanks Jorai!" as afterwards I gave a lot of feedback to him and helped him with various pointers. :)

10/22/2004 2:07am,
hey matt, i'll be in town mid november. if it's during then and i can get out there i'd be all for it

Mark Su Kow
10/22/2004 4:57am,
If J-Kid is in I wouldn't miss it for the world. By the way back off, he's mine!!!

10/22/2004 1:10pm,
Hey Mark, if you do end up headin' that way, give a poor kid a ride? =P

10/22/2004 1:13pm,
My car won't survive the trip guys. I'm sorry.

10/22/2004 5:43pm,
JKDChick isn't gonna be there? Now I don't wanna go =P