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Gypsy Jazz
10/18/2004 3:14pm,
Not just here, but all over I have heard people refer to their belt ranks, or their friend's belt ranks. Each style or school seems to choose a belt order of sorts that only really seem to have one thing in common. The white belt is the lowest. Just out of my curiosity and somewhat boredom, explain your school or style's belt/rank/sash system, if you have one that is.

A shotokan school I was at for some time went as follows: white, yellow, orange, green purple, brown, black, red (grandmaster).

My current school, which is the infamous "MMA for the masses" (ala punchingdummy) is as follows: white, high white, blue, high blue, yellow, high yellow, green, high green, red, high red, brown, high brown, black. The "high" version of a belt is just a black striple running lengthwise on that color.

Hopefully this will clear up a few things for me, and any others confused.

OC Kid
10/18/2004 3:23pm,
Mine is Yellow (with a stripe for kids) Orange, Purple, Green, Brown and Black

10/18/2004 3:25pm,
Standard BJJ: White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

In Sambo, isn't the lowest belt blue?

10/18/2004 3:29pm,
For a full review of the belt system of BJJ, I wrote the Grading (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_jiu_jitsu#Grading) section of Brazilian jiu jitsu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_jiu_jitsu) on Wikipedia.

As for my school and what is every used, it's standard BJJ belts:

white, blue, purple, brown, black.

Stripes are awarded at random, or not at all, and signify next to nothing.

10/18/2004 5:54pm,
Bujinkan: White , Green(m)/Red(f), Black

10/18/2004 6:18pm,
My old Aikido club - White, White, White, White, White, White, White, Black, Black etc..

10/18/2004 6:26pm,
White Yellow Orange Green Blue Brown Black

Stripes indicate your knowledge of next ranks techniques, so if you're a green belt with 2 blue stripes you know 50% of blue belt material.

10/18/2004 10:36pm,
Nisei Kito Jiu-jitsu= White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Black

BJJ= White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

10/18/2004 10:50pm,
Sanshou: No belt. How many bruises you have tells your rank.

10/19/2004 10:30am,
My previous Aikido school: white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, brown, black

My Karate school: white, yellow, blue, green, brown, black

My current BJJ school: white, blue, purple, brown, black

10/20/2004 10:36am,
Old school: White, white with yellow stripe, yellow, orange, green, green w/red stripe, red, brown, brown 1 stripe, brown two stripes, provisional black, black.

New school: zero.

Says something, doesn't it? ;)

Edit: Forgot yellow with orange stripe. ;)

Mark Su Kow
10/21/2004 3:05am,
shorin kempo ju karate do. White, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, brown 2, brown 3, black. Just a place holder to guage where you are as to where you want to be. To me belts mean absolute shite.

Otaku Waffle
10/21/2004 4:48am,
Bujinkan: White , Green(m)/Red(f), Black

Before we get the whole "So you get black in 6 months?"-shitstorm: It's actually White, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Black (substitute Red for Green if you're female).

10/21/2004 4:02pm,
Kun Tao: Rope, White, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Black

Beginning Level Student
Intermediate Level Student
Advanced Level Student

Apprentice Instructor
Associate Instructor Level 1
Associate Instructor Level 2
Associate Instructor Level 3
Associate Instructor Level 4
Full Instructor
Senior instructor - No one at the PSDTC is here as of yet

I've been at this school for 2 years and I"m getting ready to test for yellow in Kun Tao and I'm Intermediate in Kali.

10/21/2004 4:15pm,
Bujinkan: White , Green(m)/Red(f), Black

Any purpose to having the women wear different color belts? The breasts not obvious enough?

Otaku Waffle
10/21/2004 6:17pm,
Any purpose to having the women wear different color belts? The breasts not obvious enough?

I believe it's because Hatsumis wife wanted to wear pink (yes, pink) and of course, a green belt would clash with pink, can't have that, good heavens no. So red it was.

Luckily, the red belt spread like wildfire but the pink kimono is seldom seen. Else I'd have to think up an excuse for training blindfolded.