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1/23/2003 9:30am,
Try not to laugh at http://www.yenchingtao.com/

1/23/2003 10:19am,
At least he's not a soke.

Clap your hands everybody,
if you got what it takes
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Deadpan Scientist
1/23/2003 10:35am,
At least the history section is accurate. But seriously, It's just another hybrid art, nothing wrong with that.

The Wastrel
1/23/2003 10:45am,
With uniforms like these, it's not just another hybrid art, it's something truly special.


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1/23/2003 11:03am,
Yeah, there's nothing wrong with it on the surface, but then you get the martial arts newbie who comes to the average modern hybrid style (let's call it Eiwajiten-ryu) and thinks, "Cool! I'm learning karate AND jujitsu!" without realizing that the style they're taking likely has little or no solid foundation or doctrinal base in any of the arts it draws from, plus the likelihood that there is little rhyme or reason to which techniques were included and which techniques were excluded, if any, which can cause unnecessary fluff for the sake of artificial mystery or complexity.

Granted, no disrespect to the artists, modern or historical, who made successful hybrid styles. They are the rare few who studied what was (or wasn't) effective and why and built their arts on that solid knowledge.

Clap your hands everybody,
if you got what it takes
'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow
and I want you to know
that these are the breaks!

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1/23/2003 11:14am,
The warning signs are the following quotes:
"One of the World's Most Effective Self-Defense Systems" - we need a list of these Most Effective systems, so we can actually give them the right ranking.
"based on over ten fighting arts and Self-defense systems, both modern and traditional arts. " A hybrid of traditional and hybrid arts. How many over ten? 1? 2? 17?
"Judo, Ju Jitsu, three styles of Kenpo, Karate, four styles of Kung Fu, boxing, kick-boxing, Limalama arts of self-defense, over 20 oriental weapons, street tactics & realistic self-defense emergency tactics, modern day street survival, and other aspects of the martial arts and street applications." Well, that answers that question. 13 plus weapons. Plus other stuff.

1/23/2003 11:16am,
Sam sorry to dissapoint you, but that Nightbreed system is the best. He says so on his website. He has developed techniques 80% have never been seen before (or something like that).

1/23/2003 11:30am,
Oh great, another hybrid system using a hybrid system as its based.

What's with all these kempo guys adding more and more kung fu to kempo, just do kung fu, that's what I ended up doing ;)

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1/23/2003 3:12pm,

One of the funniest this is that his first degree in his own sytem is 5th dan (1985), then in 2002, he is a 10th Degree Grand Master and FOUNDER. Did it take so long for him (or the ones that promoted him to the rank) to realize that?

Omega Supreme
1/23/2003 5:14pm,
Lima Lama self defense (isn't lima lama based on kempo principals so this would be redundant)

5th dan to 10th dan in 15 years....gee we've never heard this one before.

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jing shen gou
1/25/2003 7:46pm,
All I can say is this.
thank you.

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1/27/2003 7:42am,

1/27/2003 9:42am,
My McDojo Sense is going crazy !

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1/27/2003 10:47am,
Well, One can never state for certain unless he meets the teacher. Don't forget, there are some prodigies.

But, I find it most peculiar when a person moves from one M.A. to another and is only promoted in his rank. If a student comes to my dojo to learn a certain M.A. he will have to wear a white belt, unless he has learnt the exact same style.
Currently we have two students with a 2nd Dan in Karate from my Sensei, who have also learnt other arts, yet they both started their Korindo Aikido studies as white belts and neither has a B.B. yet. They will have to test for it just like anyone else. Having a 2nd Dan in Aikido I sometimes have to teach them, even though they are both better fighters then me and at least as experienced (at least in my humble opinion).
When I studied some TKD, I had a B.B. yet I had to earn every rank in TKD by itself.

So, reading this guy claims to have achieved multiple Dan ranks in different M.A. in simple ascending order raises all my alarms. Besides, he claims to have used 10 different M.A. from his record he doesn't even have 1st Dan in all of those.

And last - Once I read someone using the title Professor for M.A., I personally hear all the sirens ringing.